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17 Best logic game apps for Android

Blendoku 2 How well do you know colors? Prior to getting to know the game Blendoku 2, it seemed to us that the colors – this is our hobby. How much we were wrong. Blendoku 2 is a kind of color puzzle in which we need to spread the colors and shades from warm tones […]

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17 Best crossword apps for Android

Words and Riddles: Crosswords Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of crosswords! The application contains the most popular and colorful collections of puzzles. Believe us, you will not be bored with the application “Words and Riddles: Crosswords”. Classic crosswords, children’s crosswords, Scandinavian – for every taste, choose the kind of puzzle that you like. The […]

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17 Best virtual girlfriend apps for Android

Are you tired of being alone? Sitting at work, do you want to hear the girl’s sweet voice, talk to her or at least read a couple of nice lines from her? Then applications-simulators of virtual girls are designed just for you and your smartphones! We picked the 17 best of them to brighten up […]

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17 Best Sudoku apps for Android

  • September 27, 2017
  • / By Iren

Andoku Sudoku Just a chic edition of Sudoku. There is a possibility to play both in the most ordinary and non-standard field. In the game, there is an option to select a field other than 9 squares. Prudent developers took care to ensure that beginners and experienced users were offered tasks of appropriate complexity, so […]

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