19 Best Crafting and Building Games for Android

19 Best Crafting and Building games for Android

Now it has become very popular to make games on the theme of crafting. So we decided to create a separate list of the best Crafting and Building games for Android. Have a look! Growtopia The game Growtopia features an original storyline and interesting gameplay. Here you can build various buildings and collect resources. But be … Read more

Sky Viper flight simulator review & download

Recently, many computer simulators of the flight on the drone have appeared. In this article, we will discuss the program for Android and consider its functionality. Sky Viper Flight is a simulator for Android phones from Skyrocket developer. This simulator will be very useful both for beginners and experienced pilots. With the help of the program, you … Read more

11 Challenge Game Apps to Play with Friends

Challenge game apps to play with friends

How to diversify the boring everyday life, spent with friends at work or school? The Challenge game apps for your Android, designed for two or more players and capable of raising a friendly spirit of rivalry to a new level will come to the rescue. So, have a look! PBA Bowling Challenge Playing PBA® Bowling … Read more

33 Best RPG Games for Android

Best RPG games

Role-Playing Games are a lot of fun. It is always cool to get away from one’s reality for a little bit. The list below consists of the best Android RPGs! All of them are diverse – got different characters, environments, stories… The only thing that unites them is exciting gameplay! Check out the list and … Read more

Sports Hero app review

[content_container max_width=’1000′ align=’left’] Sports Hero – a stunning sports application designed for the Android operating platform. Here the developers suggest you to try to reach the Olympic podium. If you are ready to take an active part in a major sporting event, then proceed to the game process immediately. Become a part of the team … Read more

9 Best Truth or Dare Apps for Android

Best Truth or Dare apps

Do you want to get to know your friends for real? Or do you want to know spicy details about the life of a beloved one, but you hesitate to ask? What to talk about with a girl? What to do if you are bored? The Truth or Dare games will become an excellent entertainment … Read more

15 Best Football Manager Apps for Android

Best football manager apps

Have you ever saw yourself in the role of head coach of the football club? The real football managers were invented specially for such football fans. So that you could not only compete with artificial intelligence, but with the same genius of tactics like you. We will introduce you to the best such projects. Have … Read more

41 Best Multiplayer Games for Android

In the institute at a lecture, in lines or public transport, during long trips and moments of boredom in travel – it is impossible not to fall in love with multiplayer games (MMO) on Android with a friend and living people. Especially cool sessions are obtained when everyone gathers in one place and arranges some … Read more

40 Free Offline Android Games

40 free offline Android games

Modern smartphones are powerful enough (sometimes more powerful than PCs), which makes them good portable gadgets. But it is not always possible to play in favorite games, after all, access to the Internet sometimes is not present, then offline games come to the aid. We have compiled a list of the best free offline games … Read more

15 Cool Charades Apps for Android

Cool Charades Apps

Games in the companies of friends are always great. Some of the most popular games are, of course, “Associations” or “Secret Words”, but even they are already rather bored. But do not despair. For fans of the above games, we have something new and even more interesting, fun and provocative – charade games. Millions of … Read more