9 Best car sharing apps for Android

Carsharing is a fast car rental with per-minute billing. In contrast to the usual lease, you do not have to come to the office of the tenant company every time and make out the documents. With carsharing, you only need to sign a contract once, and then take cars for hire as many times as you want. Cars are scattered all over the city. You can take the nearest to you, and then leave it wherever you are comfortable (where the conditions of the specific service’s card-making permit).


SIXT logoWith the SIXT app, you can rent a car in seconds! In it, you will get access to all special offers, find information on how to get to the nearest stations, choose and book a car, as well as quickly manage your reservations through your SIXT account.

Drive yourself right now or order a taxi at the right time. Rent a car in more than 100 countries, flexible carsharing, and worldwide transfer services. Don’t wait at the counter! Unlock the car with the app and go on a trip.

No restrictions on carsб travel time or drop-off point – also at any SIXT station.

With the help of the application, you can easily find the nearest car and travel freely within the service area. In this case, if you leave this zone (intentionally or accidentally), the system will warn you about it, and to suspend the lease, you will need to return to the service area.

  • Planning a trip with your friends and you need a spacious car with more than 5 seats? Find the perfect car with the SIXT app. Use special filters to select the right vehicle for your needs.
  • Ability to filter vehicles by type (minivan, coupe, car, truck), equipment, number of seats, and minimum age of the driver.
  • Sort by price or popularity.
  • Manage multiple profiles on a single device.
  • Book your car with SIXT Express and SIXT Corporate for special prices and conditions.
  • Information about more than 2.200 Sixt stations.
  • Add to your booking additional services and insurance that will make you feel secure.
  • Easily find Sixt stations using the navigator in your application or detailed instructions.
  • Booking history.


Downloads: +1 000 000

Costumers rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

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Residents of European cities could not miss on the roads of the city the same blue and white cars of the “smart” class. On the body of miniature cars, the slogan “Sit down and ride!” flaunts, inviting everyone to get behind the wheel and start off.

This is not advertising compact cars, so popular in European cities with their narrow streets, and not even a promotional event or test drive. This is a new service Car2go, which allows its users to easily rent one of the electric cars – anywhere and anytime. Now, any citizen who has a driver’s license but who does not have personal transport can freely move around the city. At the same time, there is no need to contact the car rental office every time and sign a contract. It’s enough to find a free car – and go!

How it works

To start using the rental service of electric vehicles, you need to register on the official website of the company and pay a one-time fee of 19 euros. Then you must personally visit one of the authorized items (the list is listed on the site) to verify the driver’s license and activate as a user. After completing the registration, you become a full user of Car2go. Use the interactive map on the site or in the mobile application Car2go to find the nearest machine to your location.

According to the original idea of the project, cars are distributed throughout the city evenly, being apart from each other in five minutes walk. Therefore, the search for a free car will not be difficult.

With the help of the application, you can reserve the selected electric vehicle, which will be blocked for other users for 30 minutes. During this time, you need to get to the machine and open it with a special individual code. Before starting the trip, it is strongly recommended that you inspect the electric inside and outside for damage. You should inform Car2go support of availability. In the event that the next user of the car finds the damage already present before you, there is a risk of remaining guilty.

The keys to the electric vehicle are already inside, so after inspecting the machine, you can safely start a trip along the roads of the Spanish capital. For those who use Car2go rental services for the first time, instructions on the screen located on the dashboard will come to the rescue.

Simultaneously with the start of the car, the radio is turned on, which is the only sound of your trip because the electric car itself works noiselessly. Each of them is also equipped with a GPS navigator to facilitate movement around the city and reach the destination in the shortest possible way.

Tariffication of the trip is carried out per minute – the cost of renting a car is 19 cents per minute driving (including the parking time of the car until the end of using the service).

At the end of the trip, you just need to park a car. You can do this in any place intended for parking (except for underground and private parking), in the green or blue zone. Despite the fact that on a rented electric car you can travel outside the ring road, the start and end of the trip should always be carried out inside this zone.

One of the main advantages of the Car2go service is the lack of parking fees. You just leave the electric car and go about your business – no coupons or parking lots! In the future, you leave the car to another user, most importantly – to complete the rental period of cars in the application Car2go. Also, after leaving the car, it is recommended to check that the windows and doors are closed, the lights are off and the key is in the correct position.

You also do not need to worry about recharging, for this, employees of Car2go answer, which as necessary drive the electric cars to special stations. Just remember that to complete the trip is necessary with a charge of at least 20%. Monitoring the battery status is assisted by a special sensor in an electric vehicle.

Downloads: +1 000 000

Costumers rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


This service provides cars for short-term rent with self-service and hourly pay. By paying the fee and becoming a member of the Zipcar club, you get a special automated key from the car, and the machine itself can be found using the Android application. After you ordered a car (from a computer or smartphone), you can turn on the dial tone in the car to find it on the specified parking lot and even unlock it.

Zipcar is convenient if you suddenly decided that in a few minutes you need a car for a short time. Rent a car in Zipcar can be in 24/7 mode and return to any of the points. In addition, insurance and gasoline is included in the rental price. Zipcar and similar cash-sharing services are popular not only among tourists but among residents of big cities, who decided to abandon their personal car and rent a car cheaply when it is really necessary. By the way, many cars from Zipcar are hybrid.

Using the Zipcar application, you can:

  1. Find affordable cars parked nearby.
  2. Reserve cars.
  3. Sign the signal with a horn to detect a reserved car.
  4. Get information on how to get to your Zipcar machine.
  5. Contact support if you need help.

Downloads: +1 000 000

Costumers rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Enterprise CarShare

Enterprise CarShare today is a professional team, quality service, individual approach, and thousands of grateful users!

Become a part of Enterprise CarShare today and feel all the benefits of our service:

  1. Refueling, washing, insurance – are already included in the cost of renting a car.
  2. The price for renting a car varies depending on the day of the week, time and brand of the car.
  3. Remote management of rental and car through a free official application.
  4. One-time visit to the office and signing an indefinite contract.

Downloads: +100 000

Costumers rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


Maven is an application for travel around the city. Throughout the city, there are cars in guarded parking lots and in garages. Users can register online, download the application, find and book a car that you need for the time that is needed. At the moment when the time of booking is approaching, the user simply finds his car, can unlock it using the application and starts using it. You can utilize the application to lock and unlock the car again until you return the car and finally block it. This is really a joint use of cars.

Also, before leaving the house, you can start the engine, set the cabin warm-up/cooling to a certain temperature, and other interesting functions will be available. So far, the car fleet consists mainly of models of Chevy Spark, and the rental price per hour is from $ 6.

Downloads: +500 000

Costumers rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

GIG Car Share

With the help of the application, after having passed the registration procedure, you can rent cars, leaving them after a trip in a convenient place for yourself. Pay per minute charging occurs directly in the application. Users do not need to refuel or wash a car. The company also does not require a deposit for it.

In the future, you can book a car through the application. It waits for the user for free within a few minutes. It is possible to travel by car within the service of the car-sharing company. After the end of the trip, the car can be left closed in any permitted by the SDA place.

All maintenance of the car, including refueling and washing, the service takes care of. The user will need to inspect the machine before traveling for defects and fix them in the application. He is also responsible for the incidents during the car rental, including road accidents and traffic violations.

Downloads: +100 000

Costumers rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Getaround – Instant Car Rental

In the application, you can rent a car for any period. The rental price of cars depends on the brand and the greed of the landlord. The undoubted advantage of the application is the fact that insurance and maintenance are already included in the rental price.

You can rent your car for general use. Employees of the company will come to you, take a picture of the car, check for malfunctions and place all data in a service, obviously parked a car somewhere in the city.

Installing the special Getaround Carkit will provide GPS navigation with anti-theft functionality. Your car will be serviced and cleaned every 2 weeks. If the car is rented for a longer period, the landlord receives detailed usage information and checks for the rent.

All tenants are checked to avoid theft. Downloads: +100 000

Costumers rating: 3.6 out of 5 stars (3.6 / 5)

Turo – Rent Better Cars

The application gives you the opportunity to rent a car wherever you are. All transport is kindly provided by the community of car owners in the territory of America, Canada, and the UK.

Travel has become more convenient at times. You can choose a car from the classic bus to the luxury car. The adventures will be brighter and more memorable.

You choose the car you like, which is much lower than the prices of conventional agencies, and it will be delivered to any place you want. Well, if your car has long been gathering dust in the garage without a case, you can rent it out. Insurance for emergencies is included in the rental car.

Downloads: +1 000 000

Costumers rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

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Hertz 24/7

With Hertz 24/7, you can rent cars or vans at any time, for any period, and in any convenient place. The service will connect the car park Hertz in seven countries in Europe: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and the UK.

The main feature of the corporate service Hertz 24/7 is the keyless access to rented cars, which simplifies the use of this service. Cars can be booked round-the-clock by the customer’s employees by phone, through the service website or through a special application, which makes it much easier to order a car and, thus, reduce costs. The fleet of cars available for the Hertz 24/7 service can be deployed in one or more countries where the client company operates, allowing its personnel to book and use machines located in completely different locations.

In addition, the Hertz 24/7 service is available to customers of large retail chains, such as Costco, B&Q, and IKEA in the UK, as well as Leroy Merlin and several others in other European countries. Vans are in the parking lots of these stores and can be rented on an hourly basis to comfortably bring home purchases.

Downloads: +100 000

Costumers rating: 2.9 out of 5 stars (2.9 / 5)

All these services will help you in a situation where you need a car on your journey or you don’t want to use your own.