Card Crawl app review

Card CrawlCard Crawl is a card game with RPG elements that is the winner of many prestigious awards.

All actions take place in the tavern, and the rounds delight with their transience (no more than five minutes), which allows you to refer a novelty to the category of time-killers.

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So, your counterpart is a brutal-looking orc that puts cards on the table from the deck. Your task is to get rid of them, not forgetting to fill your personal inventory with useful cards that will help destroy all the monsters in the dungeon.

The game board in Card Crowl consists of 8 fields: four on each of the two sides. On the player’s side is the main character with an initial level of health, two slots for weapons and protection, and a slot for a backpack.

Card Crawl app 1

A deck of the game consists of 54 cards. Each turn leads to the filling of the top row of the playing field, consisting of four cards. The player needs to play 3 of them, after which the top row is filled again, and so it will last until the whole deck ends. In this case, the player must survive.

Card Crawl app

Important point: 49 cards in the deck are always the same, plus there are 5 random special cards in the deck. Examples of special cards: kill a wounded monster, turn a useful item into a healing potion, re-mix the top row cards into a deck, etc.

At first, these cards are always the same, but as you win, the player can open new special cards (up to 35) which enable new tactics and even better high scores.

Card Crawl game

Some cards help restore health, others are melee and ranged weapons, some protect the player, some give gold, and so on. If you notice such elements in the deck, you should immediately drop them into the available free slots in order to continue using them for their intended purpose.

Nasty cards need to be destroyed instantly, and the gamer has only a fraction of a second to make the right decision in classifying game elements. Sometimes these actions are performed at a purely intuitive level, and any mistake leads to a sad result.

Card Crawl game 1

Valuable cards in Card Crawl should be saved for the most important fights, for example, you can resort to weapons in a fight with a huge and powerful monster, while any “trifle” can be destroyed with your bare hands, then you can restore your health with potions.

What attracts in this game is its transience and the absence of a right for a mistake, which guarantees the adrenaline. The user can share his results with friends through social networks, and if there are available funds, then you can open new abilities and gloomy locations.

Card Crawl app 2

The village tavern is crowded – the tables are occupied by noisy visitors ordering beer and playing gambling parties. The vacant place, by the way, miraculously free for the protagonist of the card strategy Card Crawl, and therefore it’s time to start training and getting acquainted with a laconic dealer!