Battery Bar app review

[content_container max_width=’1000′ align=’left’] A very convenient and useful application for all Android devices, with which it is much more convenient to check the level of battery power. By default, Android uses an uncomfortable battery charge indicator, which means that when the smartphone is discharged, it can only be used very roughly. The problem is solved … Read more

Notification Reminder app review

[content_container max_width=’1000′ align=’left’] Notification Reminder for Android is an easy application for creating your own reminders. If you often forget to view mail, communicate with family or walk a dog, this application will definitely help you. The interface and functionality of the application are extremely simple. On the main screen, we are given the opportunity … Read more

Child Lock (Parental Control) app review

[content_container max_width=’1000′ align=’left’] The Child Lock Launcher is an app for children with flexible settings and parental controls. Manage your children’s access to the contents of the phone. You can absolutely safely give your phone to children and do not worry about them, do not worry that they can go to the wrong site on … Read more

Kids Place – Parental Control app review

[content_container max_width=’1000′ align=’left’] With this program for Android, you can prevent children from using certain applications installed on the phone, restrict access to the Internet or even forbid the installation of games from the Play Market. But at the same time, you can easily configure this application to run certain games your child plays. The … Read more

SaveMyTime app review

[content_container max_width=’1000′ align=’left’] SaveMyTime – Time Tracker for Android, which will help build a balance between work and leisure. This useful utility will constantly keep an eye on what you are currently doing. And then with the help of visual graphs will show what you are spending your time on. Observance of the balance between … Read more

Doodle app review

[content_container max_width=’1000′ align=’left’] It’s no secret that planning activity is another secret of successful people. A modern business person should plan everything, including upcoming meetings, events, sessions. When organizing an event, the task immediately becomes urgent – how to gather and organize people, taking into account the difference in time zones? Obviously, the better you … Read more

Meteor app review

[content_container max_width=’1000′ align=’left’] If for some reason you periodically need to measure the quality of the connection to the network, we recommend you try the Meteor application from the OpenSignal company. Who is OpenSignal? This is a British company that studies the speed of the Internet around the world. OpenSignal experts collect user data and … Read more

Aqualert app review

[content_container max_width=’1000′ align=’left’] Aqualert: reminder for water – the app will serve as a reminder to drink water to keep the right balance of liquid in the body. Also, the program will tell you how much water you need to drink daily. Doctors say that depending on what products and liquids a person uses, his … Read more

SpiderOakONE app review

[content_container max_width=’1000′ align=’left’] SpiderOak is a confidential storage for files and directories, with advanced backup, synchronization and sharing capabilities on all devices, including mobile devices. All users receive 2 GB of free storage for their confidential data, while the size of the downloaded file is not limited. The main advantage of the application is the … Read more

Asana app review

[content_container max_width=’1000′ align=’left’] Asana is a free (up to 15 users) system of tools for project management and interaction between company employees and customers. Task manager gives the opportunity to track progress, deadlines, and project results. The manager can vary the access rights by adding individual employees to all categories or to individual tasks of … Read more