Japanese English Dictionary+ app review

VidaLingua Japanese Dictionary Translator app is just a find for those who want to learn a language or tighten their knowledge in the field of Japanese. The application received a huge amount of positive feedback, which certainly speaks about the importance of this application.

What the features of the application are:

  1. More than 2500000 phrases, most of which are available to you for free.
  2. The presence of Japanese headwords in Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji.
  3. In addition to the translation itself, you receive examples of the use of this word and the designation of a part-of-speech.
  4. The single search for fast lookups of words in English, Hiragana, Katakana & Romaji.
  5. The presence of a phrase book, the phrases in which are divided into categories.
  6. Search by keyword.
  7. Conjugation of verbs.
  8. Online Translator.
  9. Many quizzes for language skills.
  10. Search History.
  11. Email dictionary translations.
  12. The function of the pronunciation of words.
  13. An interesting opportunity to add notes and pictures to words and phrases, which makes the use of this application even more interesting.

The Japanese English Dictionary Translator app is a program that must necessarily be installed on your smartphone and without which it will be difficult for you to learn Japanese. This is a comprehensive dictionary-translator and your assistant.

Downloads: +1000

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