Kazarma App Review

There are games that just grab your attention the moment you lay your eye on them. And Kazarma is one of those rare treasures. It is a great entertaining game, so vibrant and exciting, you will get addicted. This is a shooter. And guess who or what would you have to shoot? Aliens! We loved this game and now you will know why.

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So this game is a futuristic shooter. The whole fighting and shooting take place on the Greek bridge called Kazarma. We don’t know how the developers came up with the idea to put aliens on that bridge but it worked just right. The number of levels in the game is fifty. Of course, we hope there will be more in the future but don’t get upset just yet.


After those levels, there is a surprise waiting for you. It is the Challenge Mode! It is really hard but that what makes Kazarma even better. Navigate your spaceship and shoot by touching and dragging. Apparently, one thumb is more than enough for this game. Isn’t it great?

And by the way, those levels are not easy at all. It may seem like it’s a piece of cake in the beginning but later you will regret you underestimated it. It gets pretty difficult so it may take you some time to reach the Challenge Mode. Just don’t give up! If you play well you can get a lot of rewards and amazing upgrades. Powers, ships, you name it…


Perfect tools to shoot all those aliens.  The graphics are just a pop of colors, look gorgeous. And the music of Kazarma is original and was recorded especially to make the gaming experience much more powerful. We just couldn’t take our eyes off the screen when playing this game.

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It is a fun, bright, and creative solution to a boring evening. Kazarma is a perfect shooter and has to be on anyone’s phone.