Magic Universal ViewFinder App Review

Finding a good view to film a video or take pictures is not an easy task. You never know how actually it will look in the frame and if the lighting is proper.

You may have heard of viewfinder applications that make this task easier. But it is pretty hard to find one that has all the features you need and will not let you down in the process. However, we think we discovered a perfect viewfinder app. It is called Magic Universal ViewFinder and it truly is something magical.


The good news is it will not bore and distract you with annoying pop-up ads. It comes both on Android and Apple devices so anyone can use it.

Magic Universal ViewFinder doesn’t require any verification or registration. UI is easy to use, all of the settings and options are in front of you and they can be adjusted with just one tap. The main menu is to be found under the upper right camera button. There you can select an optical adapter and the camera you are using at the moment.


The shot is right in the middle of the app. To adjust focal length settings just press a slider on the right side of the screen. The other options are placed around the frame of the app. Whether you want to customize focus, exposure, or white balance you can do it from the panel on the bottom left. Switch between manual mode and auto easily as well.

Another feature that impressed us is that the video recording time is totally unlimited. It depends only on the storage of your device. And it records audio too! You can switch between various frame sizes like 1:1, 5:4, 4:3, 16:9, and others. In addition to this, Magic Universal ViewFinder offers built-in LUTs.


And there is a button called Ref next to LUT settings. It lets you edit the focal length and pick a camera. What else would we need? Anything you want you will find in this app.

Magic Universal ViewFinder is a must-have app for any photographer, film-maker, or just someone who likes quality pictures and videos. You will thank us for introducing it to you.