Doodle App Review

It’s no secret that planning activity is another secret of successful people. A modern business person should plan everything, including upcoming meetings, events, sessions. When organizing an event, the task immediately becomes urgent – how to gather and organize people, taking into account the difference in time zones?

Obviously, the better you plan, the more things you have to do. The usual planning tools – diary, notebook, calendar allow us to develop the habit of planning and prioritizing.

Doodle – an event planning tool

The upcoming event also needs to be properly planned. And here we have to deal not only with the distribution of our personal time but also with the time of other people. Taking into account the fact that each of us has a time planned in advance, basically, it can be difficult to gather several people together. Obviously, there are objective reasons why someone cannot attend the meeting. The very procedure of gathering participants also takes a lot of time – it can take a whole day for telephone conversations.

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It’s much easier to organize events using the online Doodle service. An excellent planning and organizing tool for meetings will be the world’s leading online planning service for us. Doodle is a pioneer in this field and will help us save a lot of time and energy, which undoubtedly will appeal to those for whom personal effectiveness comes first.

The application makes it very easy to plan and host meetings and tasks. Here you create lists of people who will participate in a particular session. Then the list is sent to all participants, and the time is allocated in the calendar, which will be selected by most of them. The application can also be integrated into your calendar.

Why you’ll like Doodle

This service will appeal primarily to the fact that it can not only be used by business people. It is designed to manage the personal and business timetable of many of us. The variety of tasks that people solve with Doodle is amazing. Doodle service can be used even by the owners of dogs, going for a walk for the joint walking of their pets.

Planning the events

Two important functions that we perform in working with the online service – “Schedule an event” and “Choose the preferable option.” Before you send a link to the participants, you need to think over several options for the places and time of the meeting, and participants will choose the best time from all the options that you offered them.

Virtually all functions of the service are free, except for the Premium Doodle function, a professional version for individuals and businesses. Advanced users can connect their calendars and use many additional features. At present, developing and adding new functions, Doodle’s strategic goal is to maintain the simplicity and ease of use of the service for customers. Therefore, for those who will use them, there will be no problems.

What can be arranged?

The most interesting thing is how to use this scheduler of meetings in many spheres of our life activity. Using the event planning service, you can organize a party, invite guests to a wedding, invite colleagues to an unscheduled meeting, invite patients to a reception or examination, negotiate with residents in different countries about the time of visit to them during the trip, etc. Your options for using the service in comments are welcome.

As you can see, Doodle is an excellent tool for planning important events. It is important to learn how to use it, and then the process of organizing the upcoming meetings with Doodle will be an interesting and exciting activity.

How it works

It should be noted that the application has a convenient interface. No registration is required to use Doodle. You must create an “event” and enter dates and times. Invite the participants. After receiving the invitation, the invited person can view the upcoming event, decide on participation. Thus you get information about who plans to attend the event.


  1. Creation of surveys and constant monitoring of the voting process.
  2. Participation in surveys.
  3. Connect an address book to send invitations to friends and colleagues.

Downloads: +5000000

Customers rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

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