My Recipe Box: RecetteTek App Review

Do you like cooking and exploring new recipes? And you also don’t have enough time and energy to save each new recipe that you get? No worries, now you can forget about this problem. WIth the RecetteTek app, all the recipes that you found will always be saved in the app in a second.

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In continuation of this topic, the app is extremely easy to usage in general. When you first open the app, you don’t need to create your account – you can start using it right away. You are able to both create your own recipes and also add the recipes from the Internet – for that all you have to do is to copy the URL of the website.


Another curious feature of RecetteTek is the calendar that this app has – you can plan all your meals and recipes ahead. Plus, there is a possibility to create shopping lists for your recipes when you are going grocery shopping, so you won’t forget anything.

The number of recipes that you can have in the app is unlimited and if there are already too many of them, you can always use the search feature to find something you need. It includes special sections for categories and tags to sort your recipes. Or, you can use the integrated search line and find a preferable recipe in a second.


What is more, there is an ability to share your favorite recipes with friends or print it (for example, if you’re going to cook with your parents, it can be useful). And by the way, you are always enabled to edit the recipes you wrote down. RecetteTek can be synchronized with the cloud storages to make sure you will never lose the data.

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All in all, RecetteTek is definitely an app that you should pay attention to when going to organize your recipes. It is so effortless to use and it has a beautifully designed interface so you’re going to have a great time with it.