Ripple Wallet App Review

If you are dealing with cryptocurrency on a daily basis, it means you have heard of XRP wallets.  So what XRP really is? Easy. XRP is the currency of the payment network named Ripple.

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This company uses its own currency in order to send and receive money anywhere anytime with the speed of light. Of course, you are aware that there is a very big choice of XRP wallets, so we are here to tell you about one of our favorites. It’s called Ripple Wallet by Caramba, let’s take a closer look at the features of the app.

First of all, Ripple Wallet is completely free of charge, there are no unpleasant surprises like additional fees. The app is here to serve exclusively the customers’ needs. The creators themselves say that they want to invest in the name so that they can gain more trust in the future.


Secondly, we guarantee that you will have an enjoyable, efficient and completely secure experience while using this app. To ensure total security, Ripple Wallet is encrypted on your phone. It is allowed to have not just one but multiple accounts and send/receive transactions through all of them.

Ripple Wallet also has its own XRP Marketplace where you can sell and buy XRP. It’s practically a virtual Wall Street! There is also an option of offline backup in case you lose your phone or don’t have access to it.

The creators of the app thought through everything. The interface is very simple and elegant, you can make a new account within one click, and also see all your transactions and a current balance in one place.


Thirdly, Caramba’s customer support is on fire. They solve the problems very quickly, you just have to describe what went wrong and they will take it from there.  They are very efficient and provide a great service 24/7 whether you just forgot your password or someone hacked your phone and you don’t want the hackers to gain access to your account.

As you see, dealing with cryptocurrency has never been easier, even your grandparents wouldn’t encounter any difficulties.

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Don’t be afraid of it, Ripple Wallet by Caramba is an intuitive app, attractively designed, and has top-notch security. It provides a seamless experience, the tech support is very efficient… It’s a perfect app for any cryptocurrency user. We would trust this app with our lives.