YourHour App Review

Are you a smartphone addict? In this case, we have to bring your attention to YourHour app.

This is a quite popular app in the market and it does not take up much storage space – it weighs just 27M. Plus, the app supports multiple foreign languages.

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One of the best features there – it comes with a straightforward interface. So, after opening the app, there are several sections on the home page: Challenges, Stories, Dashboard, Reports, Profile.


In YourHour, you can easily monitor the spent time for the past 7 days. Moreover, the app allows you to check daily, weekly, or monthly detailed reports. In the premium version, you can even export the reports to PDF format.

Furthermore, this tool allows you to check how much time you use certain apps. After downloading, it will ask you to select apps you want to monitor.

In the Reports section, you will also find such data as total screen time, top used apps, and maximum usage time. Plus, you can even check the usage graph.


By the way, YourHour presents to you six categories of phone addicts and determines the category that suits you the most:

1. Addicted

2. Obsessed

3. Dependent

4. Habitual

5. Achiever

6. Champion

The developer warns that this app does not save any personal information, as everything is stored in the local memory. Therefore, you can export all the data in an Excel sheet.

Moving on, if you open the Challenge section, you can try a great variety of challenges.

The next interesting thing there, YourHour enables you to use a widget on the home screen. Thus, you can check the spent time whenever you want!

In case you have faced any misunderstandings while using this app, you can contact responsive tech support.

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Summarizing all the points mentioned above, YourHour is full of magnificent options. There are not any significant drawbacks. Hurry up to try it – maybe it is your variant!