9 Best Midget Dating Apps for Android in 2024

There is no need to say that every person all over the globe deserves love regardless of his or her nationality, sexual preferences, or appearance. Therefore, there exist lots of diverse online dating arrangement platforms that support people in this delicate process. At times some society members struggle more on their way to finding the right human.

The current article rounds up applications that are designed for people of small height to facilitate their search for a lover. They let midgets get rid of all the judgment or non-acceptance and get completely comfortable in sharing what are their desires and needs in order to find their soul mate.

1. C-Date – Open-minded dating

C Date service is meant to be a huge aid for people that are looking for real long-lasting relationships to be developed. Thus, the foregoing application includes a really wide range of options to describe and define your qualities and your preferences with the aim of finding the appropriate candidate for creating a strong link.

Consequently, this app is certainly suitable for short people cause it is assumed to be used by open-minded people whose worldview is free of stereotypes and prejudice.

The following application provides the user access to the contact information of single people around.

C-date allows also to see the list of visitors and matches to facilitate the search.

Moreover, it allows instant chatting with those who are currently online and are most appropriate to the preferences set.

Additionally, the profile you create is highly customizable, thus, it is possible to fully express yourself and catch the interest of other people on the basis of common hobbies.


Downloads: 1 000 000+

Customers rating:  [usr: 3.8]

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2. Eharmony

The specialization of the aforecited platform is a dating arrangement system based on compatibility definition. In contrast to regular apps for dates, this very service includes an extended personal analysis, which evolves a set of diverse questions. They are supposed to determine the type of personality, features, requirements, traits of character, social role, communication model, and behavior. The collected information is used with the purpose of detecting the most compatible variants, who appear after that in the list of matches.

Moreover, Eharmony implies barrierless communication within the chat. There are plenty of instruments that are supposed to stimulate link creation such as various tests for joint use. In addition, the described chat is supplemented with the option of video dating that makes shy users feel more comfortable.

The policy of developers of this service is to welcome all the users. As a consequence, Eharmony’s team of trust and safety is maintaining the safety of the application, therefore, all the society members can take advantage of it with no fear, including short people.


Downloads: 5 000 000+

Customers rating:  [usr: 3.2]

3. Zoosk – Social Dating App

The current application’s target is adding meaningfulness to social interactions and online acquaintances. Zoosk alleviates finding the appropriate person for you by means of a matching system that gathers people with similar interests, occupations or views of the world.

Along with the online chat that everyone is familiar with, Zoosk comprises the option of virtual interactive rendezvous. The inbuilt interface possesses all the necessary tools for breaking the ice and creating a lovely atmosphere for establishing a friendship or a relationship.

The main feature of the foregoing platform is, undoubtfully, the control system that makes it safe and secure for a user. Its point is not to allow creating fakes, detect them and remove them from the application. Everyone who endeavors to find love has to prove that the uploaded photo is of him or herself and to attach the social network account. As a consequence, midgets avoid meeting online people that are not focused on finding someone but just try to make fun anonymously.

More than that, Zoosk features:

  • Carousel of people
  • Gifts exchange
  • Streaming
  • Custom emoticons
  • Smart picks system that is a great advantage for short people.

Downloads: 10 000 000+

Customers rating:  [usr: 3.5]

4. Cupid Dating

On the Internet, there exist more than 80 variations of the given application, each one of them is created especially for the certain society part such as the representatives to a certain nationality, religious confession, profession, possessors of special physical appearance, etc.

No wonder on this diverse platform there is an opportunity for midgets to begin the search for love.

  • The account creation process is seized effortlessly as it is possible to connect the one to Google or Facebook account.
  • The interface is based on convenient and informative cards that represent all of the brief information about the person that you find attractive or interesting.
  • Online chatting is available anytime
  • In case the user wonder who might get acquainted with him, however, agreed to disagree on just tracking the profile, the list of views is at his service.
  • The preferences of the user or search range can be customized widely.

More than that, Cupid dating service is international and greatly developed, hence, it provides a huge basis of single people all across the globe, who can potentially be happy relationship partners.


Downloads: 100 000+

Customers rating:  [usr: 2.9]

5. Match Dating: Chat, Date, Meet Singles & Find Love

This specific service’s main advantage is its custom search system that enables users to find the perfectly matching single persons and avoid compromises, that is extremely useful for little people.

Furthermore, Match dating includes video chat that is an opportunity not to get into awkward situations when it is still to early for the contact information to be exchanged and people are not completely ready for a face to face date but desire to know each other deeper. At this moment, they can take advantage of this function and safely get acquainted better.

More importantly, there are lots of ice breaker folders to alleviate the first steps in communication and make it slightlier. As a result, weird pauses in the dialogues and miscommunications can be avoided.

Moreover, the following platform evolves various settings for events that can be a nice pretext for an unplanned online date.

In addition to all of that, the ongoing application provides a special technical support, and developers envisaged the team of experts that are called upon helping user to deal with unusual situations on his way to arrange the date, midgets can as well benefit from it and get the support in creating link with the potential partner.


Downloads: 10 000 000+

Customers rating:  [usr: 3.4]

6. EliteSingles: Dating App for singles over 30

Elite singles is specifically indented for highly educated singles that are mostly over the age of thirty to find their future love. The foregoing platform implies the complicated matching system that includes a specially developed personality test and highly diverse preference options, that is definitely usable for midgets. The described mechanism is meant to prevent the inappropriate matches and find the most compatible local singles.

In order to use this application, it is necessary to pass periodic checks. Subsequently, searches for people by means of it become safer and there exists no danger of facing a fake.

Along with lots of apps related to the topic of the article, this one likewise has inbuilt chat, guests checking systems. In addition, the application has a convenient option of using the facebook profile photos within the in-app profile.

EliteSingles also is secured by fraud detecting system, therefore users are allowed to worry less.


Downloads: 1 000 000+

Customers rating:  [usr: 2.0]

7. Chatiw

Next service distincts from all the applications mentioned in this current article. The cause of that is that Chatiw requires no registration and, therefore, is totally fine for shy people or introverts to safely begin their adventure in the world of online dating.

The foregoing application can be described as an open chat, the threshold of entering of which is minimal. Although, the customization of preferences is also limited. The information that is required to fill in is only age, gender, nick and whereabouts.

The interface is rather friendly. Moreover, Chatiw supports multiple languages, that is a huge advantage for certain society groups.

Chatiw does not involve a highly effective matchmaking system. Nevertheless, there exists a great number of chatrooms on this platform. Hence, users are allowed to choose an appropriate person from its members and move with him on the private dialogue.

Developers forewarn the future users not to share the contact information too soon as there is no extra security system and the person met online can turn out to be a detractor. Moreover, Chatiw team provides a tip list for those who plan to begin the dating process with the purpose of preventing unwanted situations.

For people with dwarfism Chatiw can be a great choice to acquaint lots of potential friends or lovers in nonhazardous way.


Downloads: 500 000+

Customers rating:  [usr: 3.7]

8. Veggy

In accordance to the naming the following platform is created specially for those who lead vegetarian and vegan lifestyle, thus, their mindset and type of food they consume is similar. As a consequence, users do not have to face the problems that from time to time occur in relationships with those who eat meat. For instance, choosing a place for eating out becomes a lot easier, the need for food separation at home is eliminated.

The ongoing application is based on matchmaking mechanism that allows user to have a conversation with local vegetarian singles and date them. The preference settings apart from all the regular details such as age, gender and appearance details, include a diet type. As a result, various types of vegans are enabled to find their soulmates.

Veggly gives the opportunity to walk through the guests lists to check who liked you and is interested in your profile, ergo people with low self-confidence can also be involved and not obligated to make first step on their own.

This application is a great choice for midgets that have decided to change their lifestyle to vegan. The reason of it is that users of veggly are open-minded and there exists an opportunity of ice-breaking on a background of similar habits and unique stories of taking this decision.


Downloads: 100 000+

Customers rating:  [usr: 4.2]

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9. ROMEO – Gay Dating

The following platform is one of those aren’t numerous that are perfectly compatible with short people who are homosexual. Romeo is a specific application that is intended to support both friendship establishing and hookups.

This app includes the online instant messaging chat with a unique set of emoticons that facilitate breaking the ice process. Personal cites are highly customizable and are supposed to tell the general information of the user including his interests, understanding of the world and preferences. Additionally, there exists an option to hide or show the GPS location.

Searching process on Romeo is also widely configurable, thus, finding the match is unlikely to fail. Therefore, midgets can effortlessly find appropriate partners for them.

To supplement this, the video online dating is supported via the inbuilt videochat.

Romeo’s key features are:

  • Function of pretending you are offline
  • Travel arrangements
  • No limit for pictures
  • Option to send private photos for a limited time
  • Statistics of the profile are available

Downloads: 5 000 000+

Customers rating:  [usr: 3.9]