Top 10 Metroidvania Games for Android


Metroidvania occurred from the two cult games: Metroid and Castlevania. It is possible to say that this genre combines the best elements of these two. In the following article, we prepared for you the top 10 Metroidvania games. Before you start we would like to mention that we have a variety of different games on …

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11 Android Platformer Games that are Worth to Download


Platformer games are the popular genre in the world of Android games, and their main advantage is that it includes a number of sub-genres, such as action games, shooters, puzzle games, and so on. In the following article, we have gathered Android platformer games that are worth downloading. And before you start, you can also …

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7 Best Teacher Simulator Games for Android


Being a teacher is not easy. Don’t you believe it? See for yourself by playing one of the teacher simulators on this top. This article contains the best teacher simulator games. And if you have even more fun and play games together with your friends while communicating with them, we offer you to check the …

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15 Best Location-Based Games for Android


If you want to combine games on your phone and staying in the fresh air, then you should try installing one apps from this top. These are best location-based games that will give you the chance to take a walk and participate in exciting competitions. More fun and challenging games you will find in the …

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9 Best Car Parking Games for Android


Do you like car simulator games? There is a branch of those where the main idea of the game is to park the car. And turned out it can be really captivating! So here you will find the list of the best car parking games to play in your free time. And before you start …

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15 Best 2-Player Games for Android in 2023


Playing together is always more fun! But often you just don’t know which games can be used that way and if they are compatible with your device. Don’t worry, in the article down below we have collected the best 2-player games that will be suitable for any Android device. And in case you want to …

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18 Best Dating Simulator Games for Android (2023)


There are tons of dating simulator games on the market nowadays, but let’s be honest, because there are so many of them, the majority of those are just a scam. So in order to help you to save time while picking a perfect one, we selected the best dating simulator games that will be trending …

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9 Best Sultan Games for Android in 2023


Are you into historical games? Do you like the era of the Great Ottoman Empire which was the time of glorious sultans and magnificent palaces? Then with the article below, you will be able to dive into that atmosphere and enjoy the best sultan games. And to those who like to build their towns and …

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15 Best Dress-Up Games for Girls on Android


Many girls are crazy about dolls and putting them in various dresses. Nowadays, it is not necessary to have a huge box with toys, it is enough to install the game on a smartphone. Here you can read about 15 best dress-up games for girls that have the highest rate. By the way, we have …

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17 Best Base Building Games for Android 2023


Do you like to build things up from the ground and games about them? Would you like to play a game where you have to develop your personal empire right from the scratch? Then we present to you a cool collection of the best base-building games which are the coolest this year. And for the …

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