Top 8 Vessel Finder Apps for Android

top vessel finder apps

Ready to set sail and explore the vast seas? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve gathered some of the best vessel finder apps to guide you on your maritime escapades. From real-time maps and weather updates to live ship tracking and port info, these apps have everything you may need. Some of the apps even …

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15 Best Location-Based Games for Android


If you want to combine games on your phone and staying in the fresh air, then you should try installing one apps from this top. These are best location-based games that will give you the chance to take a walk and participate in exciting competitions. More fun and challenging games you will find in the …

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9 Best Drone Detection Apps for Android

9 Best Drone Detection Apps for Android1

Drones have been relatively trendy recently, and there’s no denying this fact, as drones are now used in numerous areas of human exertion. If you want to be cooler than usual and have the ability to catch flying objects, we suggest you explore the article about the best drone detection apps. Moreover, in addition, you …

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11 Best Square Footage Calculator Apps for Android

11 Best Square Footage Calculator Apps for Android1

Square footage measurements are needed both in professional and domestic spheres. Concerning the type of task, the tools that provide help can be divided into those focusing on distance measurement and map usage, construction calculators, and geometric shapes calculators with formulae references. We have listed the best square footage calculator apps so that you could …

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9 Best Land Surveying Apps for Android

9 Best Land Surveying Apps for Android1

Some people need to know the size of a land lot or the borders of a territory. Here is a list of the best land surveying apps that you can easily install on your smartphone. By the way, before you start exploring this article, we also recommend you check another one about the best overlay …

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7 Best Property Lines Apps for Android


It doesn’t matter if you are a professional in the construction and land surveillance field, or just someone who is curious, the best property lines apps in the following article will be a great help to you. See the existing lines or create new ones! And for the management of all of your maps, we …

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9 Best Overlay Map Apps for Android

Best overlay map apps

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you have a map in one hand and a phone GPS app in the other. And you’ve probably thought of finding a way to overlay the map on the phone’s navigation app so that it automatically aligns, rotates and zooms, you’re in the right place. In today’s …

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3 Best Triangulation Apps for Android

Best triangulation apps

Below there are 3 apps for triangulation on Android devices: Triangulation With the help of the application, you will be able to determine the location of the desired point on the map. But for this, you need to know the distance to it from 2-3 places. You just need to enter these values in the …

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7 Best GPX Tracker Apps for Android

Best GPX tracker apps

In today’s review, we’ll introduce you to the best GPX tracker apps for Android: OsmAnd OsmAnd is a travel and navigation application based on autonomous maps that allows you to orient yourself in unfamiliar terrain, find objects of interest on the map and get to them, as well as get various tourist information about these …

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