forDiabetes: diabetes self-management App Review

Those who suffer from diabetes are aware of the large number of parameters that need to be kept under control. Luckily, there is a new app that can help regulate all of them. ForDiabetes – the ultimate diabetes management app.

ForDiabetes compiles and analyses all the important variables, such as glucose and carbs levels, blood pressure, your activity, medicaments, etc. All the metrics can be filled in by hand or using other devices or apps. If entered regularly, their shifts will be analyzed by the app.

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Using those analyses, ForDiabetes will create health reports that will let you see your progress as it unfolds, and help you achieve your goals.


An important note: ForDiabetes lets you share data with a medical specialist or other caregivers in real-time for on-the-spot discussions and counsel.

The first thing the app proposes is a list of its features and benefits, which you can easily skip. You can use the app as a guest, but it works better if you sign up, and you won’t lose your data. There are many ways to do it: by email, by a Facebook account, by a Google account, or by an Amazon account.


Then you fill in the units of measurement which are most suitable for you to monitor your indicators, and then – your type of diabetes, year of birth, and country. Speaking of countries, ForDiabetes now works in ten languages!

After you have finished your registration, you will see the glucose measurement scale in the middle of the screen. Underneath it is a Meal icon, for measuring the number of carbs you have eaten. Next to it is the Daily activity icon, which is measured in minutes. There are also Medication and Blood pressure sections.

In addition to analyzing and collecting your data, ForDiabetes provides its users with a large number of articles and tips which can help you even more.


The Premium version grants you full access to the Web application, your insulin dose calculation, real-time backup, and many more advanced features.

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In conclusion, ForDiabetes is an essential app for anyone struggling with diabetes. ForDiabetes will help you live your life peacefully without having to devote too much time to managing diabetes.