Unreal Commander Software Review

Even though most content of our website is dedicated to Android apps, here is the software for your PC that you might find useful!

The best free file manager? Does what the most common competitors won’t do in their lives? The most convenient and beautiful appearance customization with a two-panel interface?

That’s right, this is the Unreal Commander.

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The manager will easily perform group files and directories renaming.

It can preserve symbol links while copying and transferring data. File deleting, copying, and moving goes in the background. Use directory tabs and advanced file search if you like. The Unreal Commander archiving module supports 7z.

After the task sequence completion, the Commander can perform a predetermined action, for example, turn off the PC, go into hibernation or sleep mode. You can make the running sequence “closed”. You can also move tasks into a new sequence from the existing one.


The program has a built-in utility for downloading files. Click Tools, then Download Files for that. You download a file from the Internet; and you can copy it to another location, say, to a USB-drive. Even before it has been fully downloaded. This is especially convenient, for example, for films – to estimate the quality and so on.

The application can delete your files in safe mode (WIPE) and does a great job with networking. Drag and Drop support is available.

The built-i3rgn FTP client is quite helpful. As well as the internal viewer with a quick view option is.

Of course, support for ZIP and RAR archives is a must-have for file managers. But do you know a lot of worthy ones working with ACE, TAR, TGZ, and half a dozen other formats? Plus the Unicode support.


Make backups right from the program. Click Tools, then Backup to launch the built-in mini-utility.

As for the looks, the program provides a couple of unnecessary, but very nice perks: support for skins and backgrounds.

Apart from that, for your leisure time, we can reccomend playing the coolest Physics-Based Games for Android 2021.

Unreal Commander is perfect for any PC using Windows, be it a 32 or 64-bit one. Are you still not sure? The app is absolutely free. So install it and see for yourself that you can command your files unreally efficiently.