21 Solitaire Game FREE App Review

21 Solitaire Game FREE is a great version of everyone’s favorite solitaire. The goal of the game is to arrange the cards by suit in order from ace to king in four rows and to score as many points as possible.

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21 Solitaire Game1

The game doesn’t require registration and it is very convenient. When we open the app, we see the main screen. It looks like a night sky with stars. Despite the fact that the design is dark, it is quite pleasant to the eye.

There are several icons in the middle of the screen: play, adjust the sound and music and previous high scores. In general, the interface is very clear and there is nothing superfluous in it. The graphics quality is high.

21 Solitaire Game2

When we click on the play icon, we see the solitaire game itself. The background is green, as in other card apps. The score of the game is written at the top, in the middle there is an icon with a question mark – if you tap there, you can read the basic rules of the game.

It is very practical, especially for beginners. To swipe cards you have to move your fingers through the screen. The game may last until you run out of moves. It doesn’t fail and the game proceeds quickly.

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The key peculiarity of the app is its simplicity. This app is a great way for card lovers to spend some spare time.