9 Best Area Calculator Apps for Android

Are you studying, but you forgot the formula and you need to calculate the area? Or are you building a room and you need to pick up the right amount of materials and calculate the price for them? Then our today’s selection is for you!

Today you will find the top of the best applications for calculating the areas of various shapes on your mobile device!

1. Square meters calculator

The simplest and most intuitive application for calculating the area of your premises. Everyone knows that the best thing is when there is nothing superfluous. This expression fully expresses it. To calculate a room, it must have a square or rectangular shape.

Now you have to set the length, width and the required surface area will be immediately issued to you. If you want to calculate the volume, then just add the height, the application will give it to you just as quickly.

During the construction, a variety of materials are used, which are applied to various surfaces of the room. In this beautiful application, you can add a price per cubic meter for flat surfaces.

And if you suddenly need to calculate the price per cubic meter, you can also add it to the application and it will give the final cost of a given volume.

This application is an ideal calculator for those who need to calculate the area of a room, apartment, or backyard or you want to know the volume of the pool or boxes for things.

Best Area Calculator Apps1

Downloads: 100000+

Customers rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


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2. Geometric calculator

We all went to school once. It was always necessary to count the areas of various geometric shapes, and the formula for calculating their area was constantly forgotten.

Now schoolchildren and students do not need to rummage through a textbook or look for it in the bins of their memory.

This application will not only remind you of it but also calculate the necessary area for you! This handy application knows a lot of formulas for different initially set parameters.

The application helps not only young students of geometry but also those who need to create diagrams manually or correctly draw the desired object. This is not just a program for calculating areas, the built-in conversion function will pleasantly surprise you!

The Geometric Calculator allows you to perform calculations in square kilometers (km2), square meters (m2), square centimeters (cm2), square millimeters (mm2), square feet (ft2), square yards (yard2), and square miles (mil2).

The application is very multifunctional, but it does not lose its ease of use.

Studying together with the calculator of squares easily and simply and geometry will cease to be a complex and tedious science, but will become an excellent assistant in studies and in ordinary household affairs!

Geometric calculator2

Downloads: 500000+

Customers rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


3. GPS Area Calculator for Land – Distance Calculator

Are you a builder or a surveyor and you need to make measurements? Or do you have a garden plot and you need to measure its area? Or maybe you’re just a traveler who needs to find out how many kilometers to the locality you need?

Then the next program is for you! In our application, you can calculate the area of the site that you mark on the maps, see how far away the objects are, and even use your gadget as a compass!

The application has a simple interface and intuitive controls, so it won’t be difficult to figure it out.

Main functions and tools of the map:

  • Supports viewing maps with different layers: schematic map, satellite map, hybrid map.
  • Built-in compass application that will allow you not to get lost in a dense forest or a dark night. This function is synchronized with GPS for the most accurate indication of the direction of movement. It also allows you to more accurately determine your current location
  • Show the main results with metrics and names of directions. A digital compass with a device sensor will allow you to synchronize the device with the compass maps. To use the compass for Android, your device must be equipped with a magnetic sensor to read the Earth’s magnetic field. Some phones don’t support compass sensor, so they won’t be able to use compass.

Compass Features:

– Show true north

– Magnetic force

– Show sensor status


Downloads: 5000000+

Customers rating: 3.4 out of 5 stars (3.4 / 5)


4. Area Calculator surface area formula

And again in our collection of applications for simple calculation of the areas of figures. This online calculator allows you to calculate the area of various geometric shapes, such as:

  • Rectangle;
  • Parallelogram;
  • Circle;
  • Circle sector;
  • Triangle;
  • A regular polygon;
  • Ellipse;
  • Trapezoid.

For the convenience of calculations, you can choose a unit of measurement (millimeter, centimeter, meter, kilometer, foot, yard, inch, mile). Also, the result can be converted to another unit of measurement by selecting it from the drop-down list.

Area Calculator surface area formula4

Downloads: 50000+

Customers rating: 2.8 out of 5 stars (2.8 / 5)


5. Construction Calculator – Materials Evaluation

This application will help you calculate the number of materials for construction and repair, will give you the chance to check the contractor for overspending of your funds, and instantly calculate the information you are interested in!

At the moment, the application has been translated into the following languages: Russian, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese.

Languages are changed in the corresponding menu in the settings.

The application works perfectly without an Internet connection and provides comprehensive information on the calculation you are interested in.

The construction calculator is your indispensable assistant in calculating materials for building and drawing up a general estimate on the issue you are interested in.

You can also send me your wishes and suggestions for new calculations and existing ones by email, and later your proposed improvements may appear in the program!

There are some tools in the app that will help you to measure whatever you want. Here are some of them:

1. Calculator

2. Flashlight which you can switch from the very main screen.

3. Compass – it also has fast access from the start menu

4. A ruler – will be set on your screen, a universal tool.

You can use this app for many reasons, but the main of them is that this application is so universal and convenient. Here is the list of the topics where the Construction Calculator will help you to deal with your problems:

  1. Calculation of the foundation plate
  2. Ribbon foundation. Calculation of the amount of concrete for the ribbon foundation.
  3. The composition of concrete.
  4. Calculator of the material for concrete rings.
  5. The volume of blocks/bricks in a cube.
  6. Characteristics of wall blocks.
  7. Insulation, calculation of insulation for walls and foundations.
  8. Excavation, trench volume and soil weight
  9. Tile calculation. The number of tiles for the surface.
  10. Calculation of the floor covering
  11. Calculation of the roof – single-pitched roof, gable roof, roof area, amount of materials.
  12. Skirting board – calculation of the skirting board according to the size of the room
Construction Calculator5

Downloads: 1000000+

Customers rating: 3.2 out of 5 stars (3.2 / 5)


6. m2 – Square Meter calculator

Compiled to help those who determine the cost of apartment repairs.

Defines the wall area, floor area, ceiling area, ceiling perimeter, floor perimeter, and wall area without window and door openings.

To calculate, you need to select the configuration of the room, fill in the necessary parameters and click Calculate volumes at the bottom of the list of parameters.

The button with the image of the key allows you to save the parameters of the room or load the saved ones.

The area of doors and windows is subtracted from the area of walls, the total width of doorways is subtracted from the perimeter of the floor.

The last three parameters are used in more complex rooms to adjust the area of the walls, floor, and ceiling, for example, if columns are installed in the room.

If your room has a different configuration, then you need to choose as close as possible. Given that the program is designed to help those who make estimates, this will not greatly affect the result in rubles.


  • drawing up a detailed room plan with the calculation of the total area and the area of the walls, floor and ceiling;
  • multiple room configuration options;
  • calculator for calculating the area of walls with deduction of the parameters of windows and doors;
  • as a result of filling in all the fields of the form, the user will receive the most accurate data of the room parameters.
m2 - Square Meter calculator6

Downloads: 10000+

Customers rating: 3.2 out of 5 stars (3.2 / 5)


7. MagicPlan

This program is not yet known in wide circles of users of Google phones, the reason for this is the complexity of the technology used – MagicPlan is a long-gestating, but undoubtedly a long-awaited child. The brainchild of Sensopia Inc can be predicted a distant and bright future

Even a special version of MagicPlan CSI has been released for investigators and forensic experts from the CSI service. Just on CSI, we will focus a little on the reasoning – how does the program work?

The program also measures the angle of inclination by interrogating the sensors of the device. But one angle is not enough, because the second derivative uses the height of the device above the floor level.

The user calibrates this height in the settings for his height. And the third derivative is the lower angle of 90°. Then it all comes down to ordinary geometry, to the calculation of unknown sides of a triangle on one side and two corners.

During the measurement, another well-known technology is also involved – an additional reality, in the lens we see markings on top of real objects, focusing on which we move the device correctly.

The difficulty is that the device constantly projects these “markers”, correctly holding them in space.

Of course, the program has errors, real people are not a tripod, they rotate the device when scanning, moving it a little in space, i.e. the pyramid turns out with a “blurred” vertex, more precisely it will look like a truncated cone with an empty core.

But the program is helped by “architectural patterns”, as a rule, all walls in buildings are perpendicular or parallel to each other, i.e., in 99% of cases, the angle between adjacent walls is 90 degrees.

In any case, even with an error, this program is irreplaceable, because the plan does not need to be sketched manually, it saves a lot of time.

The sketch she receives is very close to the original, the adjustments made are instantly reflected on all elements of the drawing, this allows for fewer measurements than when creating it manually.

Features of use:

  • requires Android version 4.0 or later, budget devices will not be able to handle the program, because a large amount of calculations takes place during measurements;
  • the program is free, but requires account registration and confirmation via the Email you specified;
  • measurement accuracy depends on correct calibration and correct use during shooting.

Downloads: 5000000+

Customers rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


8. Square meters calculator – area calculator

This square meter calculator and area calculator is very useful for calculating square meters of various geometric shapes such as triangles, squares, or circles.

With our area calculator, you can calculate both in square meters and in square feet or square yards. It adapts to the English or decimal number system.

Who сan use this app?

  • Apartment sellers: You should always know how many square meters in an apartment you need to put up for sale. With this area calculator in square meters or feet, you can easily calculate the square meters of an apartment and multiply them by the cost of the area in m2 to find out its final price.
  • Developers: in your work, you need to know how many square meters of space in a house or apartment to make a budget in accordance with square meters. Use our area calculator or square meter calculator to find the result. You can apply the price per square meter and thus get the price per square meter.
  • Students: In the world of mathematics, calculating the area is very important. With this m2 calculator or area calculator, you will easily get your results.
  • Artists: In art, surfaces or areas play a fundamental role. Do you want to be an accurate artist? Use the m2 calculator or the area calculator in square feet or square meters to find the data.

With the help of our cubic meter calculator, we can calculate volumes in the same fields and professions mentioned earlier. For example, in construction, we can calculate the volume of concrete, in the artistic volume of marble.

In short, a very versatile square meter calculator, as we can use it as an area calculator, cubic meter, or volume calculator.

Do you want to calculate how many square feet your house should have in order to be able to sell or renovate it? Are you interested to know the area of your garden? With our area calculator, it’s very easy!

You can also calculate the volume, very useful in the construction of all kinds.

Square meters calculator - area calculator8

Downloads: 10000+

Customers rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


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9. Smart Meausre

Smart measure (rangefinder) can be useful for people who love traveling, are fond of orienteering, as well as just anyone interested.

Using the built-in trigonometric functions, manual calibration can be configured so that the measurements are carried out with an accuracy of several centimeters – the experimental verification of the accuracy of Smart measure using a tape measure has been confirmed by many users.

At the same time, you need to use the program with knowledge of the calculation features: the aiming cross camera should be placed in the area of the shoes of the person to whom the distance is measured, the height is best measured after setting up manual calibration.

Features of the Pro version:

  • The width and area of the object can be measured
  • Fast shutter
  • Portrait mode
  • Camera zoom
  • Virtual Horizon
  • There is no advertising

So, there are three tools for measuring distance:

1. Smart Ruler (short distance, touch)

2. Smart Measure (average distances, trigonometry methods)

3. Smart Distance (long distances, perspective assessment)

All you have to do is aim at the object and press the trigger button. It is important that you aim the camera at the base of the object. That is, to measure the distance to a person, you should aim at his shoes.

The interface of the main menu of the program is presented to users of the viewfinder menu. The principle of working with the program is simple – point your smartphone at the object you want to measure the distance to and press the auto-lock key.

It is important that you aim the camera at the base of the object. That is, to measure the distance to a person, you should aim at his shoes.

After fixing the object, a menu appears containing the measurement results.

In the conclusion of the description of the Smart Measure application, it should be noted that the idea of the developers was very interesting, but it was not quite possible to bring it to life.

The disadvantages of the program include a very large error when the distance to objects is more than 2 meters.


Downloads: 10000000+

Customers rating: 3.2 out of 5 stars (3.2 / 5)