8 Best Feet Meter Apps for Android

best feet meter apps

Have you ever struggled with figuring out your foot size? Yeah, we all know the headache that comes with trying to measure something and not having the proper tools. Luckily, we’ve rounded up the best feet meter apps for Android you could try. These apps let you figure out the right size and these are …

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11 Best Measuring Apps for Android

11 Best Measuring Apps for Android 20221

Everyone always needs an instrument to measure something. Not all people carry a bunch of rulers and levels. In this article, we will about the best measuring apps. And in addition, we offer you to read the article about the apps that help to measure the room temperature. Smart Tools Smart Tools is a useful …

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11 Best Square Footage Calculator Apps for Android

11 Best Square Footage Calculator Apps for Android1

Square footage measurements are needed both in professional and domestic spheres. Concerning the type of task, the tools that provide help can be divided into those focusing on distance measurement and map usage, construction calculators, and geometric shapes calculators with formulae references. We have listed the best square footage calculator apps so that you could …

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9 Best Date And Time Calculator Apps for Android


Today’s pace of life goes fast, which leads to quick decisions and reactions. In some cases, it is impossible to deal with a load of different tasks on your own; various helpful tools and apps, which are available on the market are to solve this problem. One of the most frequent cases of using such …

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9 Best Area Calculator Apps for Android

Best Area Calculator Apps

Are you studying, but you forgot the formula and you need to calculate the area? Or are you building a room and you need to pick up the right amount of materials and calculate the price for them? Then our today’s selection is for you! Today you will find the top of the best applications …

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9 Best Bet Calculator Apps for Android


The line of events on the website of a modern bookmaker includes all known sports, and the conduct of an important game – a huge number of outcomes. How can a simple better cope with such volumes of information, and still remain a good plus? No calculations on a piece of paper: all probabilities are …

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9 Best Birth Chart Calculator Apps for Android


People have been always wondering if there is a connection between starts and their lives. Researchers were carried out to study it, however, there is still no clear answer. But one thing remains true: stars’ and planets’ positions definitely influence various processes on Earth. Taking that into account, we can conclude that cosmic patterns impact …

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7 Best OHMs Calculator Apps for Android

Best OHMs calculator apps

The online calculator allows you to quickly calculate the basic variables of Ohm’s law for a circuit section, as well as find out the power. This review includes several Ohm’s law calculators for Android. Ohms Law Calculator Ohms Law Calculator is an easy-to-use Android application that will primarily be useful to users who are passionate …

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7 Best TDEE Calculator Apps for Android

Best TDEE calculator apps

Calculating your total daily energy expenditure is critical for fat loss, muscle gain, and weight maintenance, so here is a review of free and best Total Daily Energy Expenditure calculators to accurately estimate your daily calorie needs. TDEE Calculator – Calorie Intake Calculator This is one of the best free TDEE calculator apps available on …

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11 Best Time Calculator Apps for Android

Best time calculator apps

Today we will review applications that are designed to work with time, that is, time calculators. Let’s introduce our applicants (all distributed free of charge), which can be found on the Google Play Market: Time Calculator: Hours Work & Time Between Time Calculator application is the best app to calculate time, hour, minute and more …

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