Electric Circuit Studio App Review

Are you fond of electronics? Or, maybe do you work in this field? If the answer is “yes”, we would like to present you to Electric Circuit Studio app. This is the full-featured tool to create electrical circuits, perform calculations, or find out the changes of currents and voltages in real-time.

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In this app, you will find a wide range of excellent elements for building electronic circuits, SPICE simulation, and circuit calculation. Moreover, it contains an interactive book that explains general electrical theorems, circuits, and laws.


Electric Circuit Studio app offers a schematic editor function that works with several selected elements. If you want, you can flip the text inside all the elements except wires.

SPICE simulation option allows you to create circuit schemes and analyze them. It visually represents the voltage and current simulation results. Besides, you can even keep it in the form of a diagram or text anywhere in the circuit.

Moving on, the Electric Circuit Studio app contains DC, AC, and Transient analyses. The simulation can be repeated if you use Transient analysis. When the results are displayed, you can customize the settings of circuit elements. Plus, in the menu, you can manually set a time scale.


In the AC analysis, you can display the magnitude, real value, fantasy, and phase of the voltages and currents.

Among all the features mentioned above, the app provides you a great number of various calculators and converters. Besides, you will find such supported elements as wire, ground, resistor, capacitor, polarized capacitor, inductor, DC voltage source, and so on.


The app uses shared storage to keep circuits, pictures, models, screenshots, exported, and log files. The storage can be both internal memory and external SD card.

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Electric Circuit Studio is a useful and reliable application that does not slow down. Summarizing all the points, the Electric Circuit Studio app is a multifunctional tool that guarantees you a pleasurable work process. We have not found any flaws in this app, so we believe it will fully suit you!