Gentle Wakeup – Sleep & Alarm Clock App Review

For everyone who genuinely hates their mornings, has troubles with falling asleep and then waking up, who wants to destroy their smartphones as soon as they hear their alarm clock – there is actually a remedy that will help to solve all your problems with this big issue called “sleep”. And this is the Gentle Wakeup app.

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It might seem extremely simple at the first sight, but in fact, it has so many features to offer, that this will replace even some other apps on your smartphone. First of all, this app has a great alarm. It starts playing smoothly, increasing the volume of the sound gradually so you don’t wake up stressed.


What is more, the alarm is accompanied by a beautiful picture, that gets brighter with time imitating the dawn. By the way, there is a beautiful picture of a dawn on the screen that is supposed to help you to have a better waking up process.

And Gentle Wakeup can help you not only to wake up but fall asleep as well. Before bed, just go to the night section (the sign of half-moon in the main menu), and then the app will play the nature sounds with dimmed lights to calm you down and help to have a better sleep.

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Apart from that, there is a great bunch of functions, that you won’t find in your regular alarm clock app. First of all, there is a sleep timer, that helps you to control your daily naps, or you can use that sleep timer during the night time. There is also a flashlight (a lighting sign at the top of the screen).


In addition, when you wake up and you take your smartphone you can check out the weather right in the app – you can adjust the settings to demonstrate the weather forecast as the slide show. And the slide show is customizable as well – you can choose, whether you want to see the forecast with the wardrobe applicable or a simple one.

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And obviously, each alarm sound and length are customizable as well. In general, Gentle Wakeup is a great app to help you to solve all your issues with sleep and it is an extremely useful app with a wide range of options.