7 Best PDF Page Remover Apps for Android

Different documents have been a part of our everyday life for several centuries. Nowadays almost everybody, from schoolchildren to entrepreneurs, deals with typing, editing, adding, or deleting various files, especially those of PDF.

With the current fast pace of life, it is necessary to have a convenient and easy tool for reading or editing such files. Moreover, users can install them on their mobile devices and do everything that they need directly on their app, for example, to delete a page or modify a whole document.

1. iLovePDF – PDF Editor & Scan

This app is one of the most amazing ones on the Google Play Store. It was created for working with PDF documents in every possible way. You can read, convert, annotate, sign, and much more with the help of the iLovePDF application.

There are such functions as a phone scanner, which includes taking a picture and then saving it to PDF as well as text recognition.

Along with that, you can convert other documents to PDF files. This option includes converting to PDF such files like JPG, Word, Excel, PowerPoint. You can also extract pictures from PDF. The images extracted will have the same quality as they had in the former file.

Your PDF can be split into separate pages and even be extracted from the file. Vice versa, the documents can be combined into one big PDF as well. You can rotate certain PDF pages and modify them.

If the PDf, which you have got, is quite large for your needs, you can reduce its size without changing the quality.

The app allows you to apply all the functions with just a few buttons. It is really handy and productive for users, who are working with PDF.

Besides saving files as PDFs, you can modify these files. For example, you can write notes and annotations to PDF, leave a comment, add or draw pictures, sign the PDF with your finger. You can also There are different formats of annotation available.

For your security, there is a function of creating a password to your PDF. It can be removed as soon as you decide to do it.

If you want to protect your PDF documents further, you can add a watermark to them. Any image or text can be selected as a watermark. It is possible to choose a position, transparency, or typography.

Both versions, free and premium contain these functions and are available on the app. The premium package has even more options and is a more versatile tool. You can choose which suits your needs more.


Downloads: 1,000,000 +

Customers rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


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2. Adobe Acrobat Reader: Edit PDF

The app is well-known for its perfect and effective work with PDF documents. Both the PC program and the app contain a great number of functions, which makes keeping things easy by doing all necessary work on the go.

If you use the Adobe Acrobat Reader: Edit PDF application for reading or editing your PDFs, they will fit the screen of your device within the app. That will make your work easier and less time-consuming.

There are a few modes, which can help you manage the work on the app. You can select the most suitable for you or change the one you are using to another any time you wish. Besides these modes, there are light and dark modes of the application.

You can connect your account on the app with your online accounts like Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive. This makes it easier and quicker to view, share or edit files. you can star those documents, which are highly important for you. You will be able to find them faster.

The app allows you two versions of its usage: a premium subscription and a free one. You can open, view, read, share online and print your documents directly from the app for free.

Some functions are only available within the premium package, for instance, a PDF editor of texts or images, and a PDF converter, and such options as to create PDFs, to combine files into one PDF or to extract images or texts from it, to organize the file and much more.


Adobe Acrobat Reader: Edit PDF2

Downloads: 500,000,000+

Customers rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


3. Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint & More

Users can work with different files on the app. Alongside the PDF documents, this application supports Word, Excel, and PowerPoint reading, sharing, editing.

PDFs can be viewed, created, converted into Word documents and vice versa. You are able to scan PDF files and then edit them. It is possible to remove certain elements, add something or just sign a page if needed.

Along with that, other files can be collaborated on with your PDFs or other files in real-time. if your Internet connection does not work well, it will not be a problem. You will be able to complete your workflow unless there is no network at all.

All documents, which you are working on, can be stored and shared via online clouds within the app.

Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint & More3

Downloads: 100,000,000 +

Customers rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


4. PDF Editor Pro – Create PDF, Edit PDF & Sign PDF

This application is a great tool for managing PDFs on your mobile device. The app offers you numerous amazing functions, connected to reading, changing, storing, or sharing such files.

One of the most basic options, which the app offers, is viewing and reading documents. There are two modes for reading PDFs: horizontal and vertical. Each of them can be selected for a certain file and you can easily switch between them.

It is possible to add a password to your PDF in case you do not want someone to open and read it. You can change or delete the password anytime you wish.

You can also protect your files with a watermark. For doing this, just choose a picture or a text and add it to your PDF. This watermark can be modified in the way you like: its position, transparency, and typography can be changed according to your preferences.

Files, which have other formats, can be converted to PDF, or if they are PDFs, they can be turned into Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or JPEG formats. Different PDFs are possible for splitting into separate ones or merging into one. In case the final file is large you can compress it.

Changes can be performed inside the PDF itself. Users of the PDF Editor Pro application can add or remove various images or texts within a file. Notes, drawings, or annotations can be added to a file, too.

Along with that, you can rotate chosen pages of a file, add pages numbers or remove pages. Pages of a file can be rearranged in order as well.

All these procedures are easy to find and use. It takes just a couple of clicks or pressing a button to apply one of the options, mentioned above.

PDF Editor Pro - Create PDF, Edit PDF & Sign PDF4

Downloads: 50,000+

Customers rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


5. Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

The app is thought of as an all-in-one PDF documents reader, editor, and storage. There is a wide range of options, which can help to work with PDF documents online or offline.

You can work with PDFs, which are downloaded on your mobile device or enter your account on Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive for working on them online.

The app provides one of the best PDF readers. It is possible to select a Day or Night mode, change the size of pages for small screens, use the fullscreen mode, zoom, search for certain parts of the text, bookmark the pages, jump chapters, or parts of the file.

There are tabs, which allow users of the app to switch quickly between multiple documents and read, edit or work with different files at the same time.

Editing is also one of the key functions of the app. There are such procedures available as page rotation, changing the order of the pages, inserting additional pages, or removing ones you do not need.

Various modifications can be made directly to your PDF contents. You can draw, write, type, add different figures, for example, arrows or circles, for highlighting something. Notes and annotations are possible for adding too.

If you need to fill a form in PDF or sign an electronic document, you can also use the editing function. Your signature can be saved for further usage on the app.

You can print PDFs directly from your mobile device, using this application. Scans and new PDfs are possible for creating. You can both create a new PDF or convert one of the files on your mobile device into PDF. You can easily convert your PDF to another format.

Your files can be moved, copied, deleted, renamed, or united into folders. The app will help you to find the last page or part, which you opened on a few recent files.

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor5

Downloads: 10,000,000 +

Customers rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


6. Split PDF, Cut, Extract PDF pages

This app is solely focused on working with elements inside PDFs on your mobile device. You will not find here numerous functions, however, there are some basic ones, which will help you in your dealing with such a format.

Options of splitting, cutting, or extracting pages from a document can be necessary for reducing the size of the whole file and leaving the most important information inside the file. Instead of compressing the document, you can delete some parts from it, saving the quality.

It is very easy to install the app, its interface is clear and simple and all functions are found and used without any difficulty.

For performing an action on your PDF, you need to select one file on your mobile device. Then it should be uploaded to the application. Further actions will be taken directly on the app. You will need a good Internet connection for the proper work of the app.

When uploaded, the file will be split. It is possible to choose what pages will be split, cut, or extracted from the original document. One of the main features of the app is that the whole process does not take a lot of your time.

All operations performed are removed from the app’s server after you have finished, so you can be sure about your privacy. When you have got the final result, you can download this version of your PDF.

The downloaded version of the PDF can be easily shared on various social media or can be modified further with the help of other tools and applications.

Though the Split PDF, Cut, Extract PDF pages application has a limited number of options, it is quite lightweight and will not consume much of your mobile device space or battery.

Split PDF, Cut, Extract PDF pages6

Downloads: 100,000 +

Customers rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


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7. PDF Merge: Create & Combine Text, Image & Web page

This application only deals with PDF files. You can find different essential options for working with PDFs offline or online on the app.

PDF files can be created as well as converted into with the help of this application. You can turn any document, for instance, your photos, images, Web pages into PDFs, provided they are downloaded on your gadget or stored on your online cloud or account into PDF.

Vice versa, your PDFs can be easily converted to other formats, for example, Word or an image. This function includes the work of the web page, so good Internet connection, mobile or WIFI must be turned on.

Files can be merged into a single PDF or split into different ones, according to your needs. You can arrange these files in any order you like, rename or delete them.

Changes can be also made inside the contains the documents. Users are able to modify the information, upload images or texts, or delete those elements, which seem unnecessary for them.

Documents are easy to share on social media or via email. Several PDFs can be treated as a single attachment if shared on the app.

The PDF Merge: Create & Combine Text, Image & Web page application offers its users to protect their data with the password. All files, which are changed with the help of the app, are protected by the security policy.

PDF Merge: Create & Combine Text, Image & Web page7

Downloads: 1,000,000 +

Customers rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)