21 Best Police games for Android (management & simulators)

Games that tell about the everyday life of the police are quite rare. There are also very few police simulators and management games on the market. Therefore, we have prepared for you a list of the best police games (management and simulators) on Android.

Police Car Driving Sim

Police Car Driving SimFeel yourself driving a police car and learn all its capabilities. Install a realistic simulator Police Car Driving Sim on your mobile device and enjoy the fascinating gameplay completely free. In the application, a simple control mechanism is implemented. Even a child can understand it. A colorful graphics and realistic special effects will give a lot of positive emotions.

At your disposal, there are many different police cars. For each of them, there is a real racing or sports prototype. Get behind the wheel of the chosen model and try its possibilities in practice. The game has excellent physics of transport standard management. You can check how the machine behaves in different operating conditions. Try it on highways, rough terrain or in urban conditions in a large stream of moving vehicles. Two scenic locations will be available to you. Interact with the objects of the environment. Learn to masterfully overcome obstacles that you will meet on the way. See what happens if the car gets into an accident. Learn the hardest car tricks and see them with cameras that are tuned to different angles. You should become the best police driver! Then, you can share your achievements with friends.

Police Car Driving Sim app

Downloads: 10000000 +

Customers rating:  (4.0 / 5)

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Police Dog Simulator 3D

Police Dog Simulator 3DPlaying the game Police Dog Simulator 3D, you immerse yourself in the fascinating world of confrontations between police and criminals. But thanks to the original plot of the simulator, the confrontation takes a completely new turn.

You will act as a smart and strong police dog, which will help in the search for criminals, using a very keen sense of smell and sensitive ears. It will depend on your skills how quickly the police overtake criminals.

In the game Police Dog Simulator 3D, you are waiting for fascinating chases, complex battles, and dangerous tasks, for the passage of which you will receive game points and valuable prizes for pumping your character. The simulator has a very exciting gameplay. It has a huge number of tasks of varying complexity, and you as a police dog can move around the boundless expanses of a virtual city.

The game Police Dog Simulator 3D features high-quality three-dimensional graphics and realistic design, and unusual characteristic sounds only improve the gameplay. In addition, the application was specially adapted for mobile phones and tablets based on Android, so it has a simple control: all actions are performed by several touches to the screen of the mobile device.

Police Dog Simulator 3D  can be downloaded for free to all types of mobile devices but contains additional paid content, with which you can get limitless gaming capabilities.

Police Dog Simulator 3D app

Downloads: 5000000 +

Customers rating:  (4.0 / 5)

Border Police Adventure Sim 3D

Border Police Adventure Sim 3DWhat could be better than the role of a powerful police officer who persecutes criminals and performs the most difficult tasks in order to keep the residents of the city calm? In the game Border Police Adventure Sim 3D you can perform just such a role, controlling your character as a policeman. You will need to comply with all laws in order to completely eradicate the evil in your city.

The game is characterized by high-quality design and graphics, and the fascinating gameplay. A huge number of tasks will not leave anyone indifferent. You will not just chase criminals and fight evil, but also carry out numerous quests. Each win will bring you additional game points and valuable prizes that will help to further improve the character’s skills, replenish the arsenal of his weapons and make him a real thunderstorm of crime.

In addition to design and gameplay, the distinctive feature of the game is its simple management. To perform a certain action or change the characteristics of the character, you just need to click on the screen several times. Getting progress in the game, you can enjoy all the new benefits: access to new machines, weapons, and maps.

Border Police Adventure Sim 3D app

Downloads: 1000000 +

Customers rating:  (4.0 / 5)

Police Bike: Traffic Rider

Police Bike Traffic RiderSimulator Police Bike: Traffic Rider is a cool police game for mobile devices running on the basis of Android. You can download the application absolutely free and in a few minutes, you will enjoy the crazy speed and exciting adventures.

Ready for speed? Then welcome to the game. Here you can ride a motorcycle with great speed, performing a variety of tricks (jumping, drifting and much more). In addition, in the game, you can crash into other transport. It is made very realistic. Each new accident is a step to getting valuable game experience and bonuses.

Your character is a police motorcyclist who needs to explore the city and find criminals and stolen things. You should collect as many of these items as possible, and you will have access to the hidden possibilities of the game. In the game Police Bike Traffic Rider you are given complete freedom of action: you can go in any direction, develop any speed and perform your favorite tricks.

The game Police Bike Traffic Rider has its own excellent technical characteristics. It has several cameras, the ability to view the game in full-screen mode and enjoy all the technical details of the tricks that are recreated with astonishing accuracy. The character is very easy to control since the game is adapted for push-button and touch control.

Police Bike Traffic Rider app

Downloads: 1000000 +

Customers rating:  (4.0 / 5)

Police Dog Criminal Hunt 3D

Police Dog Criminal Hunt 3DPolice Dog Criminal Hunt 3D is a simulator game for a police dog for smartphones and tablets based on Android. A keen scent and magnificent reflexes of an intelligent animal will help to reveal criminal intentions and serve the good of people. A variety of dog breeds, a variety of locations and exciting tasks make this game an excellent time killer.

The gameplay and management. The player will feel like a professional cynologist. He will command the service dog, training it on special courts and in real conditions. Management in this game is as easy as possible for a comfortable game on the touchscreens. Move the dog with the joystick on the left, and the two buttons on the right are responsible for the jump and action. Moving in this way, you need to explore the location and find hidden bombs, drugs and other illegal objects like contraband cargo. All things that are available for detection are highlighted in yellow, so it’s easy to see them. But to find explosives and weapons, you may need to study all the corners of the room – furniture and other items can hide them.

The game locations of the virtual city are varied, so you do not have to get bored. As you progress through the game, you will be able to use 5 training areas where you can practice the speed of pet movement and the skills to detect traces of criminals. Also over time, new breeds of dogs are available. There is an opportunity to play with a sheepdog, Doberman, Dalmatian and many other beautiful animals. The complexity of the tasks gradually increases, so that the process of mastering the skill takes place on its own. Despite the criminal themes of the game, there is no particular cruelty, so the game is suitable for kids who like dogs.

Police Dog Criminal Hunt 3D is a free project, but it includes paid purchases, as well as promotional materials. Realistic three-dimensional graphics look great on the screens of mobile devices and allows you to completely immerse yourself in the fascinating police service. Models of different breeds reflect the movement and beauty of noble animals. Police Dog Criminal Hunt 3D – is an exciting police simulator for mobile devices on the Android platform, which is able to become an excellent entertainment for the widest audience.

Police Dog Simulator 3D app

Downloads: 100000 +

Customers rating:  (4.3 / 5)

Block City Police Patrol

Block City Police PatrolPatrolling the half-empty streets of the provincial town, active pursuit of criminals, lightning-fast response to incoming calls to the walkie-talkie – the arcade Block City Police Patrol for Android offers to become part of a police force trying to protect the lives of thousands of people. You will act according to the regulations. Somewhere you have to move at prohibitive speeds, somewhere you have to move smoothly, dealing with the transportation of newly caught criminals. The most important thing is to cope with the goals set and to get the access to new tasks of higher complexity.

The game mechanics of Block City Police Patrol is not difficult or too outstanding. If you omit all the possible story details and focus only on the main tasks, then, in fact, users will only have to move on a well-thought-out route, stop at the right places, and monitor the time. However, it’s almost impossible to be late to some point of the road – even if you deliberately move at the lowest possible speed, there will always be at least a few seconds left.

A special leaderboard is available, which notes the success of various users. A special workshop is opened in the menu. Here you can use earned points and buy the transport, individual parts or change the color of cars. In addition to the benefits of the project, there is a beautiful visual design – nice pixel graphics, the ability to change the camera angle, you can even change control (instead of the buttons placed on the screen, enable accelerometer control). In a word, to become a policeman and save the city from criminals can be really interesting and convenient!

Block City Police Patrol app

Downloads: 100000 +

Customers rating:  (4.2 / 5)

Blocky City: Ultimate Police

Block City Police PatrolHistory and levels. Blocky City: Ultimate Police is an experimental simulator of a police patrol with 8-bit graphics and user-friendly controls. The narrative is broken into tasks unrelated to the plot, reminiscent of the activity of a taxi driver-beginner. The gameplay is based on the unhurried delivery of criminals, villains, and bandits to the nearest prison, hospital or fire department. The destination, in general, depends on the type of vehicle issued.

Tasks and training. The first levels are educational, but over time the levels and their conditions become more complex, and criminals are more dangerous. By the way, each of the tasks has a limited time to do it, so you often have to hurry and use the map to find the shortest path to the goal.

The amount of money earned depends on the time spent on passage. For a virtual currency, you can open new types of machines, as well as upgrades and bonuses. During the ride, virtual buttons that act as gas and brakes are used. Also, the user can independently turn on and off the siren, as well as turn signals. On the locations, there is a change of day and night. The graphic design of the project in many ways similar to the children’s Lego. It looks quite bright. The musical accompaniment consists of only two background tracks. Sound effects are not bad.

Blocky City: Ultimate Police – a bright and pleasant arcade. The project lacks a variety of tasks and dynamic moments, so the game has the risk of getting bored. However, the presence of a considerable number of tasks diversifies the game.

Block City Police Patrol app

Downloads: 1000000 +

Customers rating:  (4.1 / 5)

Police Car Driving Offroad

Police Car Driving OffroadPolice Car Driving Offroad is a great police simulator, where we will face a variety of tasks. We will start with choosing a car. In the game, there are 9 police cars. Three are available immediately, the rest will be available later. There are also off-road cars and racing cars for every taste.

The gameplay. After the start, you will find yourself in a huge open world (the developers claim that its area is 16 square kilometers) and go to the star icon on the minimap. And you can go to any level, and choose any mission. The variety of tasks is amazing. On the road there was an accident – you go to understand and help people. Someone violated the speed limit, and the radar fixed it – go to the chase and arrest the driver. Racing missions with sports cars, escorting the president’s limousine, hunting for wolves – these are not usual monotonous games.

Graphics and sound. Depending on the power of the smartphone, you can choose the level of detail of the terrain. The world around looks very realistic. Animals, cars, helicopters – everything that is in the game is perfectly made! Sound effects are also impressive.

All in all, Police Car Driving Offroad – one of the best simulators for Android, which drags on for a long time! Must have!

Police Car Driving Offroad app

Downloads: 5000000 +

Customers rating:  (4.3 / 5)

Police Chase Adventure Sim 3D

Police Chase Adventure Sim 3DPolice Chase Adventure sim 3D is an exciting racing simulator in which we can ride on the fastest police cars. In racing arcades and simulators, the player is not so often offered to sit behind the wheel of a police car and ride it around the city. Today’s game has become an exception. But do not think that you are waiting for cheerful and easy walks, no, you will catch street racers and law and order offenders, preventing them from fleeing the scene of the crime.

The first car available for us will not have high speed, good appearance, and some unusual technical characteristics. It will be quite a standard police car, but it will be enough for you to accomplish your tasks. Choosing a car you can go to the first level, where you need to catch up and neutralize the car of the intruder. To do this is a simple task, you just need to ram the car of the offender and then get your reward.

Starting the mission, you get the indicative data of the intruder and you will be able to see the red dot on the map, to which you should go. Once you notice the intruder, you need to ram it until the line with health over the car does not drop to the critical mark. You should understand that the more time you spend, the less chance you have for getting good results, so dare and do not let criminals escape from you.

The management is quite standard: on the left, there are arrows for turns, and on the right, there are buttons for speed changing. You will be able to spend money on increased engine power, car strength, and increased nitrous oxide.

Police Chase Adventure sim 3D – in general, and overall, a good simulator, which lacks detailed locations, better physics and a richer fleet of cars.

Police Chase Adventure Sim 3D app

Downloads: 10000 +

Customers rating:  (3.9 / 5)

Police Car Driver

Police Car DriverDo you like the bright three-dimensional graphics? Do you adore the fascinating gameplay and cool voiceovers in applications? Or are you very attracted to games with a huge choice of transport? Excellent! Then download application Police Car Driver to your Android, which just has all of the above features. Plus, there is still support for the helicopter. In addition, the game does not require any special features for the device. Also, the application pleases with easy and simple control.

Like all racing arcade games, Police Car Driver means fast driving. But in this game, you need to be in the role of a policeman and ride on the appropriate machine to pursue criminals. The highway will have a multi-lane traffic, so it will not be very difficult to overtake other cars and dodge the oncoming ones. If you successfully complete the mission at each level, you will have winning points, thanks to which you can open other models of the car. In the event of major difficulties, the police officer may ask for the support of the helicopter.

The interface of the Police Car Driver application is, in principle, laconic and uncomplicated. You will use only a few buttons to start, exit and start a new level. So if you like cool car racing, download the Police Car Driver application on your Android and get a lot of pleasant moments from the process!

Police Car Driver app

Downloads: 10000000 +

Customers rating:  (4.5 / 5)

Duty Driver Police

Duty Driver PoliceTerms and conditions. Duty Driver Police is a kind of a simulator, developing within the criminal syndicate, which controls a significant part of the quiet town. Events are developing rapidly, but not according to the rules of the narrative, but completely customizable regimes that affect both the role of players in current events and the position in the world. Levels are divided into test competitions of varying complexity, where players will catch criminals in the role of policemen, or get away from the “cops” along the narrow streets.

City and scenery. The virtual universe in the race Duty Driver Police for Android is a completely detailed city, divided into districts for various purposes. Unfortunately, the world looks so-so – textured houses, similar districts, and similar skyscrapers. But it full of the details – road signs, traffic lights, fences and arranged trees: the scenery is really on top!

Cars and control. You will do responsible tasks on cars of different purposes – there are both racing models and ordinary ones, or of a representative class. Sometimes the tasks become much more difficult only because you choose the wrong car involved in the pursuit. To control the movement, you can simply click on the screen. Download Duty Driver Police on Android is recommended to everyone – it’s a simple, but a full racing world with a bunch of tasks.

Duty Driver Police app

Downloads: 1000 +

Customers rating:  (4.2 / 5)

Urban Police Legend

Urban Police LegendPlaying the game Urban Police Legend you can become a true legend of the city police. Your character is an intelligent and brave policeman who is able to cope alone with an entire army of criminals.

According to the plot, first, you have to undergo training to become the strongest and legendary city policeman. After that, you can start fighting with the enemies. Explore the map, open new locations, and complete tasks. Each quest passed will strengthen your abilities. Also, you will receive valuable prizes that will help improve your equipment and replenish the arsenal of weapons.

At the disposal of your character, there are several police cars, driving which you can take part in the pursuit of criminals. Also in the game Urban Police Legend purchase of additional lives and health to cope with the most difficult tasks are available. In addition, you can buy buildings and help to develop the city.

The game Urban Police Legend features high-quality graphics, original design, and interesting gameplay, which will help to have fun. In addition, the application has a simple control and is downloaded absolutely free of charge for all types of mobile phones and tablets based on Android.

Urban Police Legend app

Downloads: 1000 +

Customers rating:  (3.9 / 5)

3D Police Truck Simulator

3D Police Truck SimulatorDo you dream of driving a big police truck? Then the driving game simulator 3D Police Truck Simulator is what you need. Install an incredibly addictive application on your device and enjoy the exciting gameplay full of dangerous plot twists and turns. Realistic three-dimensional graphics, colorful special effects, simple control mechanism and dynamic gameplay are appreciated by millions of users around the world. An addictive virtual world will please both children and adults alike.

You will feel the realistic management of a large police truck with the help of this simulator app. You can choose one of 5 trucks, each of which has unique parameters and capabilities. Get behind the wheel and go to perform exciting missions to capture and neutralize dangerous criminals. Drive on different city routes, perform many tasks of varying complexity, earn pleasant bonuses and rewards. Buy new items for your trucks and upgrade them. You can play with your friends, and share your achievements with them. Clear the streets of the city from criminal groups and become the best policeman!

3D Police Truck Simulator app

Downloads: 100 +

Customers rating:  (3.9 / 5)

Jail Criminals Transport Plane

Jail Criminals Transport PlaneThe game Jail Criminals Transport Plane will again immerse you in its fascinating virtual world. According to the plot, the prison authorities again need your help. After the successful transportation of prisoners in the van in the first part of the game, you have to make the same task, but now the prisoners have to be transported on a huge airplane.

You will perform the role of a pilot of the aircraft, and quickly and qualitatively deliver the prisoners to the right place. But remember that transporting criminals will not be an easy task. First of all, you will receive all the necessary instructions from the chief and follow them exactly to fulfill a difficult task.

Game Jail Criminals Transport Plane has high-quality graphics, and the fascinating gameplay will not leave anyone indifferent. You have to go through several levels of varying complexity, and successfully completed tasks will help improve the skills of the pilot. In addition, the game has a realistic design that accurately reflects all the nuances of controlling the aircraft.

The application is downloaded for free to all types of mobile phones and tablets based on Android, and for real fans of the genre in the game, there is additional paid content that opens access to new levels and useful crafts.

Jail Criminals Transport Plane app

Downloads: 100000 +

Customers rating:  (4.1 / 5)

Police Car Driving Training

Police Car Driving TrainingThe game Police Car Driving Training is an incredibly exciting simulator for mobile devices where you have to learn how to masterfully drive a police car and become an excellent minister of the law. Colorful three-dimensional graphics, bright special effects, simple control mechanism and dynamic gameplay make the gameplay exciting and will give a positive charge for a long time.

At your disposal, there will be three police cars. You will pass more than 30 exciting missions on different vehicles for a limited amount of time and gain experience. Become a participant in the presidential escort and protect the head of state from the attempt. Accept the challenge of committing a crime, immediately go to the named address and save the innocent victims. Help to clear the road from obstacles preventing travel. Catch all the gangsters and do not let them escape from the crime scene. Try your driving skills while driving on the opposite side of the road. Avoid cars and do not allow an accident happen. Learn to perform various tricks on a police car. Take care that no pedestrian falls under the wheels of your car.

Become the best cop in the virtual world. Install on your mobile device Police Car Driving Training and enjoy realistic physics of the gameplay.

Police Car Driving Training app

Downloads: 10000 +

Customers rating:  (4.1 / 5)

Police Hero Rescue: San Andreas Gangster COP Chase

Police Hero RescueThe new version of Police Hero Rescue: San Andreas Gangster COP Chase, from the company “Sablo Games”, is nothing more than an incredibly exciting three-dimensional simulator of a police station for preschool children. Thanks to the game, they will be able to find out what the police work is exactly. Adults can also try the game but this novelty will seem incredibly easy to them.

After gamers install the game, they will get to the police station, where they will wait for the next call to the scene of the crime. There are ten of them, starting from the banal assistance to the escorts in catching the escaped prisoners and ending with the bank robbery with the subsequent pursuit.

So, just imagine that prisoners escaped from the local prison. You, having received a call on the console and should reach the place of events on your patrol car in short time, and catch all escaped prisoners without giving them the opportunity to hide from law enforcement.

Features of this game:
1. A funny storyline on the police theme;
2. A complete absence of hidden payments, and advertising;
3. Funny graphics.

In general, if you have a desire to show your kids what the police do every day, then be sure to download this Android novelty called Police Hero Rescue: San Andreas Gangster COP Chase.

Police Hero Rescue app

Downloads: 1000 +

Customers rating:  (4.0 / 5)

Airport Police Prison Bus

Airport Police Prison BusAirport Police Prison Bus is an amazing simulator designed for gadgets running on the Android platform. The training mode is completely absent, no prompts. From the very beginning, you will have an access to the first level only. It is very easy. Users can try themselves in the role of drivers. You will manage the police armored blue bus. The task is to send prisoners to different prisons. You will be at a small airport. Leave the airport and turn to the right. When you reach the prison, stop at the marked point. However, it is hard to do as the stopping place is not large, but the bus itself is large. Your vehicle should be completely in the green area.

Once you arrive at the location, you will see a short video showing how the prisoners leave the bus. Then a new “party” of criminals will enter it. So, deliver new passengers to one of the police stations. As you probably already understood, this process will be repeated endlessly. Remember that you will have to go through a very dangerous terrain, which has cliffs. Everything will end with a loss if you fall down.

Pay attention to the right side of the screen. There is a mini-map that will help you not get lost. Although it is extremely difficult to get lost here. If desired, all users can change the look of the map. To do this, click on the corresponding icon. Management turned out to be extremely easy. On the left side, you can see two arrows that change the direction of movement of your vehicle. On the right side, the pedals responsible for the gas and brake are conveniently located. Download free Airport Police Prison Bus 2017 for Android gadgets and enjoy the gameplay.

Airport Police Prison Bus app

Downloads: 500 +

Customers rating:  (4.2 / 5)

Police Heli Rescue Alert

Police Heli Rescue AlertRules and actions. Floods, earthquakes, fires and stone blockages – even nature threatens the modern city with all possible means, and therefore it is worthwhile to think in advance of all options for protection from unforeseen situations. In the simulator Police Heli Rescue Alert, for example, you are offered to use special equipment that allows you to get to hostages of natural disasters in any weather and in an inappropriate place. But is it easy to use the forces of helicopters in a critical situation?

Levels and complexity. Each level is a separate chapter in the general history of Police Heli Rescue Alert for Android. Scenery and tasks change, complexity increases, time for decision making and preparation for particularly harsh and dangerous maneuvers decreases. But the gameplay will practically not change even closer to the finale – all the time you will have to look at the map, and fly to control points.

Characters and equipment. The boring mechanics of flights is the main problem of the project. After all, the success of the operation, for some reason, can not even be affected by bad weather! If a helicopter is struck by lightning, it will not be possible to lose control even for a few seconds, is it possible? Click to download Police Heli Rescue Alert on Android and try to fulfill all the tasks scattered around the metropolis.

Police Heli Rescue Alert app

Downloads: 1000 +

Customers rating:  (4.0 / 5)

Police Dog 3D: Crime Chase

Police Dog 3DPolice Dog 3D: Crime Chase is a simulator of a police dog that stands guard over the order and is always ready to help people who are in trouble.

The task for new missions will be repeated from time to time – you need to catch criminals who steal things from people and then try to escape from the crime scene. In order to start the pursuit of the perpetrator, you need to tap on the screen anywhere and then take control of the dog and move the joystick towards the robber. As soon as you will be at a close enough distance you need to press the attack button (lower right corner) and to make a jump. The thief will be stopped, the police car will arrive and take our fugitive. That’s all the gameplay, you will not do anything else in the game.

Passed missions are not only marked with a special sign but also give you a chance to earn enough money to buy a new faster and hardier dog. In total, four breeds of dogs are available in the game and they are all unique in their own way.

Police Dog 3D app

Downloads: 1000 +

Customers rating:  (3.9 / 5)

Police Bus Hill Climb Driver

Police Bus Hill Climb DriverPolice Bus Hill Climb Driver is an unusual simulator of a police bus driver with prisoners. This simulator is hard enough for you to imagine, but thanks to the efforts of developers – it exists! In Police Bus, the player will feel like a driver of a police bus carrying prisoners to a county jail. And local prisons are in a rather unusual place – high in the mountains. You are not allowed to choose a transport – only the standard bus is available.

Control is quite simple and intuitive: on the left side of the screen there are arrows that are responsible for turns, and in the opposite part the petals of gas and brake are located. Just above them, there are several interactive elements of the interface – a button responsible for turning the camera around the bus to admire its beautiful and high-quality model, and the second, allowing you to switch to the view from the cabin. It is worth noting that the physical model here is bad enough – the bus is controlled roughly like a dog on wet lino. The bus is very slow. Summing up the aforesaid – management demands the big getting used, and you will pass the first level most likely after five-six attempts, no less.

Each trip is very limited in time, so it’s quite difficult to be in time. One of the pluses of Police Bus is a first-person view. It’s quite interesting to ride, but the viewing angle is poor and the probability of falling into the abyss becomes even higher.

Police Bus Hill Climb Driver app

Downloads: 10000 +

Customers rating:  (4.4 / 5)

Chicago City Police Story 3D

Chicago City Police Story 3DHistory and actions. Crime in Chicago has always been considered beyond the bounds – the eternal theft of cars, banditry, mafia disassembly, accidental shooting. Now the new police department should fight crime. Click to download Chicago City Police Story 3D on Android and try to take part in the new promotion!

Controls and rules. All control keys are displayed on the screen. In the car, for example, you can control the speed, choose the direction of movement, and sometimes shoot. The set of possibilities “on foot” is a little wider – you can talk with the characters and find valuable information.

Map and Responsibilities. The three-dimensional interactive terrain in Chicago City Police Story 3D is strewn with all sorts of points. For the task passed, you are given money – you can spend them in a special store. Weapons, armor, and additional accessories that facilitate patrolling levels are available. In general, the thriller of Chicago City Police Story 3D for Android is worth attention!

Chicago City Police Story 3D

Downloads: 1000 +

Customers rating:  (4.1 / 5)