ProofHub App Review

Collaboration software plays a crucial role in corporative teamwork in 2020. Actually, not only in cooperative work – nowadays it is used everywhere. This year definitely became a turning point for all kinds of apps of this type and also brought new challenges making the developers revise the reliability and functionality of these apps.

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ProofHub is that kind of teamwork app of the new generation that is sufficient for today’s agenda. It will be easy to use both for advanced and profane users, plus, it has a customizable interface design. The first time that you log in to the app, you can choose the color of the theme – it is a little bonus, which is, nevertheless, is nice to have.


In other aspects, ProofHub includes everything you need to structurize the work of your team. It doesn’t matter if you’re a project manager or a student who tries to organize teamwork, you will find ProofHub is extremely versatile for any kind of task.

The reason for that is the structure of ProofHub. When you open the main page of the app, you can see the dashboard that displays all the current activities that are going on in the project at the moment. All the activities are divided into the following categories: tasks, events, calendar, other activities, and bookmarks.


You can either create a new project yourself and invite people there you might be an invited member – in that case, you will see an already existing project. The name and duration of the project are always created first.

One cool specific feature that you will find in the “tasks” section is that you can choose if you want to display everything in the traditional workflow pattern or as the Kanban scheme. You can also display the list in the Gantt chart which is incredibly convenient if you’re a project manager.

Moreover, if you want to can add the meeting schedule to the project – just set up the notification, description of the meeting, duration of it, and the place.

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If at some point the project is getting a large scale and you feel that there are too many materials on it, it makes sense to make the bookmarks at the especially important information and files so next time you can find them in a few seconds.

Plus, there is a char built-in right in the app. It is a significant advantage of ProofHub since it allows the team to communicate right inside the app without the necessity to switch between different apps, for example, WhatsApp and ProofHub, and therefore stay more focused and task-oriented.

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In general, ProofHub is a cool project management/collaborative software that will improve the work of any team, make it more structured, and will make lots of aspects automatized. It helps everyone to focus on project goals and not on the technical nuances, helping to save time and energy.