9 Best Bet Calculator Apps for Android

The line of events on the website of a modern bookmaker includes all known sports, and the conduct of an important game – a huge number of outcomes.

How can a simple better cope with such volumes of information, and still remain a good plus?

No calculations on a piece of paper: all probabilities are calculated by a smart program. No digging in archives and sports almanacs: any statistical data can be obtained at the touch of a button. We have chosen programs that “specialize” not only in soccer but also in other popular sports disciplines.

Try these cool bet calculator apps for the best ROI:

1. BI: sport and football

On Betting Insider, you can find ratings of cappers and popular experts. User profiles are available, all their past bids are shown on their pages, and ROI is calculated.

This is quite convenient, as it allows you to transparently assess the quality of forecasts because cappers like to draw the accuracy of hits for themselves. Freebets from bookmakers are played between the cappers.

If you do not use a desktop computer or laptop, then especially for you, Betting Insider has developed an application for your smartphone. The application works with one account between the website and the smartphone.

It is available for both Android and iOS. An advanced application for cappers (the so-called people who are fond of sports betting). Like many others, it is designed to use an account, but you can use Betting Insider without it: viewing forecasts, ratings, and match results is available immediately.

Bet insider (Betting Insider) is a fairly young project created in 2017, which is a virtual bookmaker. Thanks to the Betting insider website, you can place bets, make your forecast, watch other users’ forecasts, chat with other cappers and participate in various sweepstakes.

The Betting insider project, according to reviews, has various groups in the most popular social networks. The resource is available in English, but you can change the language at the bottom of the site.

An interesting feature of this application is subscriptions to forecasters-users of the service – for example, a competent analyst or just a person with good intuition (a list of the most effective forecasters is available in the “Ratings” tab).

The database of matches and forecasts is extensive, opportunities are available for free, but there is advertising.


Downloads: 1000000+

Customers rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


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2. MyScore

User MyScore is not limited in the choice of sports, nor in the choice of events: the app contains important information not only on popular sports (football, tennis, hockey, basketball) but also allows you to do pre-match analysis even quite exotic sports (handball, Rugby, netball, etc.).

If you talk only about football here — the full expanse for fans to bet on this sport: the app offers nearly 900 various football tournaments from around the world!

  • Follow the results of sports matches in live mode in 26 sports.
  • Have quick access to detailed statistics of any team/player.
  • Track the schedule of upcoming matches of the teams of interest.
  • View popular sports events online.
  • Choose the most convenient odds of bookmakers and make quick bets.

One of the richest applications with forecasts of sports matches. Indeed, 30+ sports (even taking into account exotics like rugby, water polo, and field hockey) and several thousand tournaments for each of them are available in MyScore.

Everything is organized very conveniently – statistics, coefficients, performance analysis are available for each match.

The application will also be useful for fans of text broadcasts – they are present for most of the sports presented. Certain games, competitions, tournaments, or teams can be added to favorites for quick access to them.

A nice addition is an advanced search engine that searches by categories of teams, tournaments, or all together. The fly in the ointment of this application can be called the presence of advertising.


Downloads: 5000000+

Customers rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


3. Sure Bet Calculator

This application is an extensive program for calculating betting rates. A betting fork is an opportunity to place bets on all possible results of the competition in different bookmakers and make a profit regardless of the outcome of the competition. The amount of profit is within units of percent of the number of bets or less.

Now, with the help of our application, you can calculate forks very accurately, and with different currencies, commission, profit distribution. This application is suitable not only for professionals but also for those who are just fond of this topic.

For those who have just decided to take up sports betting, it will be easy enough to count, because you can not touch anything, but simply calculate the classic bet amounts without additional conditions.

The table is divided into several columns: the percentage of income, the name of the bookmaker, the event, the bet, and the odds.

There is no “Income” column in the overweight betting section since this type of betting does not promise guaranteed profit and is more fraught with risks than others.

The scanner analyzes the odds and margins of a large number of bookmakers, and based on the average value gives the most accurate forecast. The probability and overestimation of bets are calculated in separate columns.

The list can be sorted by percentage of income. After that, you can check the odds presented in the list of bookmakers, select the optimal amounts on the calculator and make a bet.


  1. Loyal administration. Users can always express their dissatisfaction with a personal message to the mail or via the forum. The site administration is making contact.
  2. Free bets with an income of up to 1%. Inexperienced players can practice on free bets with a modest income.
  3. Functionality. Customers positively evaluate the simple and intuitive interface of the site.


  • Unstable operation of the scanner. Frequent inconsistencies with odds or types of bets. Low fork scanning speed. Due to technical problems, the site may not open.
  • Old-fashioned design.
Sure Bet Calculator 3

Downloads: 100000+

Customers rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars (3.7 / 5)


4. SetAndWin

This application, the catch-up calculator, will help you calculate the target rate to achieve the target profit!

You cannot place bets directly in this app. This application is a calculator and registrar of your bets that you can place on any third-party platform.

The app is very easy to use:

1. Select the desired amount of profit

2. Select the current coefficient of the game you want to bet on (anywhere, not in the app itself)

3. Place a bet on any platform (for example, Bwin, Lotto, Betway, Fonbet, Leon, etc.) for the amount calculated by the application

4. In case of loss, the program will recalculate the necessary bet to win back the lost money and win the desired amount!


  • Unlimited game profiles
  • Suitable for any bets on any sport
  • Can be used with any sports betting platform: bwin, tipico, betway, 1xbet, etc.
  • Brings a stable income if used correctly and have enough money
  • The entire history is saved on the mobile phone

Downloads: 1000+

Customers rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


5. 1X2 – betting calculator

A betting calculator. Supports automatic calculation of the result after editing the source data (there is no need to click “Calculate” every time). The following calculators are currently available:

  • Double-sided plug
  • Three-way fork
  • Catch-up (making a profit at different coefficients)
  • Catch-up (getting a percentage of turnover at different coefficients)
  • Catch-up (making a profit at one coefficient)
  • “Draw with zero”
  • “Double chance” (“Double chance”)
  • Calculation of the bet amount
  • Calculation of the bid amount (to get a fixed percentage of turnover)
  • Kelly criterion
  • “Line” (according to the known 1 – X – 2)
  • “Line” (according to the known 1X – 12 – X2)
  • Determination of probabilities
  • Determination of coefficients
  • Break-even point (flat)
  • Conversion of coefficients
1X2 - betting calculator5

Downloads: 100+

Customers rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)


6. Matched Betting Toolbox

Matched Bids Toolbox is the only app you will ever need for a matched bid. Beat bookmakers with numerous calculators and amazing features.

In one place you will be able to place Qualifying bets, Free bets, every round bet, instantly correct incorrect non-professional bets, and much more! All with your guide helpful help so you will never be lost.

Only in the Bookmaker’s Interfaced Toolbox will you be able to save and record all your bets with a single click, and then upload them back just as easily. Mobile matching bids have only become even easier with the ability to instantly copy Assignment packages, so you can paste them to the exchange with ease.

Matched Betting Toolbox6

Downloads: 10000+

Customers rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


7. Betting Calculator: Sports Arbitration 2021

This application will help you to make calculations on the rates, will show whether the rate you have chosen generates a profit or vice versa a loss.

Audio playback is possible in the application so that you definitely do not miss anything important and make fewer mistakes.

The application performs calculations for two specified currencies, in which it will calmly calculate the invested value, the result that you can expect. The application also analyzes the won value and the investments you have made in each lot.

The calculator for safe bets presented to you will greatly simplify your work, and most importantly will allow you to automatically calculate a safe bet. The application supports many bookmakers and will allow you to quickly make the bet you need

The Betting Calculator app: Sports Arbitration 2021 will allow you to:

  • Calculate the amount of investments that will be needed for the selected bet
  • Calculate the possible benefit from the selected betting fork
  • Calculate the amount that will be needed to cover the bet in the selected bookmaker.
  • Calculate the bids for the initial arbitrage 2 and 3 results.

Just enter the initial data (number of bets, odds, and total bet amount), and the safe bet calculator will instantly show the bet amount, the probability of each coefficient, and its potential profit.

You will just have to trust and make a profit from the bet you have made. Save time and effort by using this free safe betting calculator!

Betting Calculator: Sports Arbitration 2021 7

Downloads: 1000+

Customers rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


8. Flashscore

FlashScore is perhaps the most popular sports statistics service in the world. The resource offers match results from 38 sports – from football and hockey to snooker and cricket. Ease of use is the main advantage of the site, thanks to it FlashScore is on the list of indispensable tools for almost every bettor.

Statistical analysis is one of the key components of betting. Almost every capper starts analyzing the upcoming match by studying statistics. FlashScore comes to the rescue here – a convenient and fast resource with a huge database of statistical data about any sports tournament.

On the app you can find information about matches from several dozen sports. There is information about past and upcoming games, as well as games taking place in real time – LIVE.

The principles of the service are relevant for all sports, so learning how to manage statistics in one section, the user will learn how to manage the site as a whole.

The header of the app is a menu with sports. In addition to football, tennis, basketball, hockey, volleyball and handball are also represented here. Menu items sometimes change based on current tournaments and competitions.

In the upper right part of the page, you can make settings: sort championships, select a time zone, enable notifications. In addition, you can search for the desired championship, team or individual player in the search bar.

For the convenience of work, the user can choose between day and night mode of operation – a special toggle button switches the light theme of the window to the dark one.

The highlight of FlashScore is the indication of the goal scored in the match. A flashing red dot in front of the team informs about the goal. For many betters, this option replaces watching online broadcasts of games. The service also informs about penalty kicks, red card, episode verification using the VAR system.

Thus, the user can find out about all the most important events of the match directly on the main page of the site. An important point is that FlashScore reports on the events of the match quickly, respectively, the betterer has the opportunity to react quickly and make the necessary decision for the bet.

The application has an intuitive interface, the style and functionality looks almost identical to the desktop version of the service. The app will notify you about all important events of a particular match: goals, red cards, the end of the half or the game using notifications.

Each user of the application can configure it according to their preferences: enable or disable push notifications, set the viewing theme, select the main sport, change the order of sports in the menu, enable the display of coefficients, etc.


Downloads: 100000000+

Customers rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)


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9. Sports Bet Calculator

This application is an Excel file with 5 sheets on which 17 betting calculators are grouped. They are divided into two large sections: “Different” and “Strategies”.

The second one contains calculators for calculating: steps in the “catch-up” under non-standard conditions, the amount of the bet for the “Kelly criterion” strategy, S8 strategy, a fork calculator for 2 and 3 outcomes.

The necessary formulas have already been inserted into the corresponding Excel cells. The user can only insert his data, focusing on the color hints. The calculator automatically calculates the result.

The color of the cells indicates:

  • white – we substitute our data for calculations;
  • light green – the results of the calculator;
  • purple — unnecessary cells for this type of calculation;
  • light pink – headlines

Excel file Sports Bet Calculator consists of 5 sheets:

1. Home page

2. Different

3. Strategies

4. Help

5. Links

Pros and Cons

If this selection of calculators has disadvantages, it is only subjective. They may consist in the lack of experience of a particular user in terms of working with Excel, the presence of similar tools made on more modern software, etc.

Advantages of Sports Bet Calculator: free status; simplicity and convenience; 17 mini-programs in one;

The benefits are obvious – without resorting to the help of other programs, sites (often paid), the player can estimate the basic betting indicators.

These are probabilities of events based on coefficients and vice versa; bookmaker’s margin; presence/absence of forks; calculation of the bet amount for some strategies; mutual transfer of various types of coefficients, etc.

Sports Bet Calculator9

Downloads: 100000+

Customers rating: 2.8 out of 5 stars (2.8 / 5)