How to Do Emojis on Android

Why are emoticons so popular? Because the cool balls quite accurately convey our mood to the interlocutor. Technology, the software of which is built on the basis of Android, used to be famed without smiles but with the increasing popularity of online communication, users need them more often. You may also like: 11 Apps to … Read more

How to Block a Number on Android

How to Block a Number on Android

Calls are so accessible today that we can talk on the phone all day long. Therefore, our smartphones are daily broken from a huge number of incoming calls, and not every call is already a joy. Some of the conversations you would like to miss, and some of the calls you want never to hear. … Read more

How to Transfer Files from Android to PC

Sometimes the situation arises when you require conveying files from the phone to the computer or to the card. For example, you are photographing or filming a video with your smartphone, files are piling up, take a lot of memory – much more convenient to store them on the PC. The transfer with the use … Read more

How to Update Apps on Android

Google Play Store hosts thousands of apps for Android users. If you purchase applications, you should update them regularly to avoid errors and improve their functionality. You may update utilities on your Android phone or tablet manually or automatically. You may also like: 9 Best File Transfer Apps from Android to Windows PC Let’s start. … Read more

How to Rename Apps on Android

Have you ever wished to rename an application from the ones that are established on your Android smartphone or tablet? Perhaps you do not know that this can readily be performed if we are talking about application icons on the home screen and in the list. You will not be able to rename the applications … Read more

How to Print Screen on Different Android Devices

From time to time, many people have a need to take a screenshot of a smartphone or tablet. But not everyone knows how to do it on different Android units, and what you need for this. The situation is further complicated by the fact that various models of devices do this in different ways. Ways … Read more

How to Quickly Change Keyboard on Android

How to Quickly Change Keyboard on Android

The issues of upgrading the smartphone’s operating system are of concern not only for beginners but also for experienced Android users trying to adjust the device for themselves. It includes both flashing, installation of side applications, and much more. All pay attention only to visual changes, ignoring the built-in keyboard. You can not deal with … Read more

11 Best Tethering Apps for Android

Best Tethering Apps

Tethering capabilities mean that you will never have to worry about finding Wi-Fi or being within the reach of a wireless access point. In this article, we will consider various applications to use your phone as a modem. Of course, the computer and the smartphone should be charged and ready to work. ClockworkMod Tether Some … Read more

SpiderOakONE app review

[content_container max_width=’1000′ align=’left’] SpiderOak is a confidential storage for files and directories, with advanced backup, synchronization and sharing capabilities on all devices, including mobile devices. All users receive 2 GB of free storage for their confidential data, while the size of the downloaded file is not limited. The main advantage of the application is the … Read more

21 Best wifi texting apps for Android

21 Best wifi texting apps for Android

No matter how rich the capabilities of a smartphone running Android, it is still primarily a phone with the help of which it is convenient to call and send messages. Unfortunately, the standard Androids SMS app is disappointing both in design and features. However, manufacturers often change the program for messages to some of their … Read more