Dinosaurs & Ice Age Animals for kids App Review

Dinosaurs are a topic that always fascinates children. They are fun to study and follow. And also to count them, recognize them by their appearance and manner of screaming, and create your own photo album with these giants in various poses. All this and more your child can do in the game “Find them all. Dinosaurs “.

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The application does not require registration. On the main screen, you see the Sun, which will be the guide for the kid in the game. The application is designed for children from two to eight years old, so the Sun explains everything very clearly. He has a pleasant childish voice in one of eight languages.


The free version has one landscape and eight dinosaurs. You can buy more landscapes and animals. On the main screen, click on the available world and go for a walk with dinosaurs. When you meet one, tap on it, and the Sun will tell you its name and show how to spell it. In eight languages, if interested. Tap on the flags for that.


When the player has found all the dinosaurs, he receives a prize – a virtual camera. Now the entire landscape with animals is visible as if through the lens. Animals move – wag their tails, bend, turn around, jump, and fly (pterodactyl). Grab a lucky look and take a photo. Your photos make up a photo album.

When there are 12 photos or more, you can print the album. At the moment of taking the photo, the Sun tells about this dinosaur, for example, what horns it had, or how it hunted, explains its name.


There are also mini-quizzes where you need to choose the correct answer, whose cry is it, who hunted and who ate grass, count dinosaurs, and so on.

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The application developer is always happy to answer user questions. The game is very interesting and engaging for children of the appropriate age. But even an adult can broaden his horizons with it. Get out of everyday boredom for a walk with dinosaurs. Find them all!