Johann Weiss App Review

Johann Weiss is a 2d platformer released for the android platform. Like all platformers have completely clear gameplay – shoot and jump. This game is unique because of the atmosphere of occultism and the corresponding soundtrack.

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Johann Weiss 1

You have to travel through different locations, including the streets of Berlin, churches, and even the abysses of Hell, where you have to go down.

Yes, this is a game about demons, hordes of demons and their different variations will be waiting for you at each level. The plot is simple and yet quite interesting – your sister has been kidnapped by sectarians who worship Satan, and you, like a real brother, are going to save her.

Johann Weiss 2

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The whole point of the game is in the movement. There’s no place to take a break: you’ll be attacked right away if you hesitate. You’re both the hunter and the prey – one second, you’re running from your enemies and the next second you’re charging towards the nearest one to tear it to pieces.

Johann Weiss 3

The graphics are done at a decent level, you can see that the developers tried and the artists did a great job.

Interesting, quite challenging gameplay and story stakes along with driving music make the passage of each level memorable.

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