11 Best survival games for Android

Survival can be very different – but invariably fascinating, and you will be sure of this by carefully studying our selection. We have compiled in it the best games about survival on Android – the most interesting of those that can be found on Google Play. They will offer you to survive in the most … Read more

20 free fashion games for Android

20 free fashion games for Android

Fashion games for free invite all women of fashion in a variety of stories. You can play with dolls or princesses, mermaids, heroes of comic books and anime, picking up clothes for each character, and going shopping to stores. Still, it can be business when you become the owner of a boutique, helping to dress … Read more

Add music to your video apps for Android (9 Best apps)

Why is it necessary to make a video on your smartphone or tablet? Firstly, it is convenient – they are compact enough, light and always at hand, which eliminates the need to carry a bulky “mirror” to the mountains or to the beach. Secondly, these same gadgets can store tickets, interpreters, routes, and any other … Read more

9 Best Ad blocker apps for Android

Advertising, probably, makes everyone nervous. Especially if it’s pop-up banner that appears during the game or work in the program. Almost all the software that is present on the Google Play Market, shows ads. It is absent only in licensed applications. And why is it important to disable the advertising? Saving traffic: any advertising is … Read more

21 Best Retro Games for Android

best retro games

The theme of our today’s top is retro games which have remained popular, even despite their advanced age. Some developers create games so successfully that their game creations delight players for more than a decade. The case, as you guessed, not in the graphics, but how exciting these projects are. Saying “the best” we are … Read more

7 Best torrent apps for Android

Best torrent apps

The Torrent system made it much easier to transfer and download files. If you previously used FTP servers and mirror sites, today it’s enough to just download the file and leave the torrent client running. Not so long ago, the possibility of using torrents became available for Android users. What is the best torrent client … Read more

15 Best grocery list apps for Android

The inalienable life of every person, no matter how domesticated he is, includes a trip to the store for shopping for a variety of purposes. Of course, it is most convenient to do just one trip, taking care of the most necessary and not worrying about further raids. Only there is a problem – most … Read more

11 Cool restaurant finder apps for Android

Nutrition is one of the basic human needs. But in the modern world, an important role is also played by the ability to quickly eat great food to move on to more important and interesting pursuits. Here all kinds of restaurants and cafes come to help. And thanks to applications with geolocation, the search for … Read more

21 Best notepad apps for Android

Best notepad apps for Android

In the recent past, many of us have always carried a notebook and a pen to quickly take notes when necessary. Of course, in some cases, making notes in a notebook is much more convenient but nowadays one can use modern technologies from time to time, namely smartphones. There are many applications that allow you … Read more

21 Best SMS apps for Android

SMS has long become the standard for text messaging. For a long enough period, millions of people around the world use SMS. Nowadays most cellular networks have developed tariff plans with unlimited sending of text messages. And yet people began to move more and more to the Internet network. But despite this, a lot of … Read more