9 Best cut and paste apps for Android

Best cut and paste apps for Android

Have you long wanted to learn how to cut objects from photos and paste them into other images? Want to create cool pictures for social networks? Express your imagination and create your own unique images with cut-paste photo app! We have just prepared some excellent options for you! Cut Paste Photo Seamless Edit If you like … Read more

7 Best Camcorder Apps For Android

7 Best Camcorder Apps For Android

All forgotten quality of the shooting returns. The older generation remembers the video tape recorders. And all these cassettes, and the quality of this video, so now it’s become possible to recreate this quality, but already using not an old camera, but your own smartphone. Here are the best camcorder apps for Android: VHS Camcorder … Read more

15 Best photo gallery apps for Android

15 Best photo gallery apps for Android

A standard gallery application doesn’t differ in the variety of functions. The system utility allows you only to start a slideshow, group pictures, send photos by mail, and also contains the simplest photo editor. Fortunately, the Google Play store has many handy and free photo gallery apps for Android devices. We selected a few of … Read more

15 Best Screen Saver Apps for Android

15 Best Screen Saver apps for Android

Screen Saver function has gone unnoticed by many owners of the smartphone, although there are already many interesting applications for it: Lucid – DayDream Screensaver The Lucid DayDream Screensaver app is an alternative to the lock screen with widgets. The Lucid screensaver allows you to display the most necessary data and even more like reading … Read more

Fotor Photo Editor App Review

Fotor Photo Editor app review

Fotor Photo Editor is a very popular photo editor. The Fotor contains all the basic sets of tools for editing pictures, and in addition to this, there are several own presets and filters. Why is this application for Android so popular? Probably because of the stability demonstrated in its work, and the absence of unnecessary … Read more

15 Best Photo Sharing Apps for Android

best photo sharing apps android

Nowadays probably every human being on Earth (who is not living behind the poverty line) knows of the existence of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. These are the most popular social networks around the world and there is practically no way you’ve never used any of them for sharing photos with friends! However, sometimes tons of … Read more

13 Best Photo Organizer Apps for Android

best photo organizer apps for android

Modern smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly involved in photography related specialties, and therefore the question of choosing a good program for working with images is of great importance. Today we want to introduce you the applications for organizing and viewing images for mobile devices running Android. Despite the apparent simplicity, not all photo organizer … Read more

Get more instagram likes with these apps (19 best apps)

In our time, in cities, there are not many people without an account in a particular social network. Not the last, and maybe even the first place among them, occupies Instagram. Visualize your life, interests, dreams, aspirations, and share it with your comrades, or even with the whole world, due to this app. And to … Read more

17 Nice scrapbook apps for Android

Scrapbooking is the ability to create spiritual gifts. Even such an attachment to a gift, like a postcard, becomes invaluable if it is made with warmth and care, from the bottom of the heart. Such a gift will never be thrown out and will be kept for many years. Each work is unique and carries … Read more