17 Best train game apps for Android

Simulators are such kinds of games (or not games) that repeat some aspects of human activity. With their help, you can get acquainted with such complex things as driving an airplane or a train or dive into such kinds of leisure as hunting or fishing. Simulators countless and cover even a small part of them … Read more

16 Best Bluetooth apps for Android

Veterans of mobile devices were only suitable for communication but for the last several decades there was enough for such a huge leap in the development of devices that the exchange of text documents, graphics, video, and media¬†between smartphones does not seem something outlandish at all. Not unimportant role in this is played by the … Read more

11 Best Vine editing apps for Android

Applications for processing photos and fragments from mobile videos, as well as creating collages are very popular among owners of tablets and other devices running on Android OS. In this article, we’ll look at the 11 best, in our opinion, Vine editing apps for processing video on the Android platform. Such software-editors require quite a … Read more

17 Best horoscope apps for Android

Best horoscope apps

Sometimes, in the daily bustle, the right direction is lost. The task of astrology is to give you an opportunity to look at what is happening from a different, more universal point of view. A horoscope is a kind of outside view that helps you understand and accept such a unique being as you. Almost … Read more

17 Best motivational apps for Android

Do not have enough faith in your strength? Then you urgently need quality motivation. Fortunately, there are applications designed specifically to raise the general tone and strengthen the positive attitude. Fabulous: Motivate Me! After starting the application, you should accept the fact that the creators of this application know better what is good for you … Read more

17 Best bowling game apps for Android

17 Best bowling game apps for Android

Bowling is a unique thing. It is both an excellent kind of active relaxation, and the truest sport, and activity that perfectly complements a wonderful evening in the company of good people. True, this is not available to everyone, because in the entertainment center you have to pay money so that you are allowed to … Read more

11 Best Monopoly game apps for Android

Best Monopoly game apps

Before plunging into a serious business, test your strength with the help of the board game “Monopoly”. Here you can make deals, buy and sell real estate, ruin competitors, and increase your wealth. But be careful not to become a bankrupt yourself! “Monopoly” is a game for adults and children. Mastering its rules can begin … Read more

13 Best drinking game apps for Android

Best drinking game apps

Many will agree: just drinking with friends is fun itself. In each country, there are thousands of bars, where a good drink, a good snack is offered and this is a place where you can get a friendly company and spend the end of the day in a relaxed atmosphere. Even the most boring bar … Read more

17 Best logic game apps for Android

One of the main advantages of the Android OS is the ability to expand it with numerous applications, both applied and game. If you look at the ratings of Google Play, then in the list of the most popular applications, certainly there are games. Among the games always the noticeable place was occupied by puzzles … Read more

15 Best karaoke apps for Android

Emerged twenty years ago in Japan, fashionable entertainment called “karaoke” has long ago won a lot of supporters around the world. Fans of singing actively demonstrate their talents in karaoke bars, karaoke restaurants, in special karaoke clubs, and karaoke rooms where their vocal talent can be demonstrated to a wide audience and that differ from … Read more